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CVS Advisor Panel Review 2024: Is This Survey Site Legit or a Scam?

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The CVS Advisor Panel is a survey platform run by pharmacy chain CVS to gather market data. Like other survey sites, it offers small rewards in exchange for each survey you take. CVS uses this information to improve its customer experience in a variety of ways. Let’s take a closer look in this CVS Advisor Panel review.

Taking surveys for money is an increasingly popular way to earn passive income. Although you won’t get rich by doing it, you can earn a couple of extra bucks a week — and sometimes more.

The CVS Advisor Panel is a bit different because, instead of rewarding you with cash, it gives you CVS ExtraBucks that you can use toward purchases in CVS stores and online.

Signing up for the CVS Advisor Panel is a great opportunity for any CVS customer.

This CVS Advisor Panel review will cover the site’s most important features along with its benefits and drawbacks. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to use the application and begin earning points. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll redeem your first reward!

CVS Advisor Panel Review: How Does It Work?

CVS is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, but it also sells a variety of products other than medicine. With roughly 10,000 stores across the country, theres a good chance there’s a CVS near you. The brand has been around since 1963, much longer than many other survey sites.

Unlike some similar platforms, CVS doesn’t take money from outside clients. Instead, the company funds its own survey site for internal market research. The answers you provide will be used solely by CVS to examine and improve its own practices. This means that the surveys focus on CVS itself rather than the varied topics found on other sites such as Swagbucks.

Signing Up

Signing up for the CVS Advisor Panel is a simple process that doesn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes to complete. The website will ask for some personal information along with your CVS shopping habits. The panel will use that data to identify surveys you could qualify for.

Since the platform focuses on CVS services, it’s open only to existing customers who belong to CVS ExtraCare. Luckily, it’s free to join this program. CVS stores are found only in the United States, so you can’t join if you live outside the U.S.

If you haven’t signed up for ExtraCare, you can fill out an application at the nearest CVS or call (800) SHOP-CVS. It’s a bit inconvenient that you can’t sign up online and then take the surveys in the same sitting.

However, members get at least 2 percent cash back on all CVS purchases, so every CVS regular should consider signing up whether or not they plan to take surveys.

CVS Advisor Panel Review - Home
The CVS Advisor Panel is a no-nonsense survey platform geared toward regular CVS shoppers.

Taking Surveys

Once you’ve finished the sign-up process, you’ll receive occasional invitations to complete surveys. Which invitations you get depends on your information, so some people may be able to take more surveys than others. Most members should expect to receive an invitation once every few months.

After clicking on the invitation, you’ll take a short screener survey to determine whether or not you qualify for the longer version. It’s impossible to predict whether you’ll qualify for a given survey, and it can be frustrating to be screened out after answering a number of questions.

Most surveys take about 20 minutes to complete, although some are longer than others. Surveys typically concern different aspects of the CVS shopping experience. If you’re a regular customer, you shouldn’t have any trouble answering each question.

Earning Rewards

Unlike some other survey sites, CVS Advisor Panel offers rewards only in the form of ExtraBucks. You can use ExtraBucks toward a purchase at any CVS, so this isn’t a bad way to earn points if you shop there consistently. Each survey invitation includes the date at which your ExtraBucks will be available. Some surveys offer self-printable rewards that you can redeem immediately after finishing the survey.

CVS Advisor Panel surveys typically offer between about $2 and $15 in ExtraBucks, depending on how long they take. While members used to receive $2 after being screened out of a survey, this reward is no longer available.

Keep in mind that CVS needs only a certain number of people to fill out each survey. You might be turned away if you wait too long to respond to an invitation.

While the CVS Advisor Panel doesn’t offer as many surveys as some other sites, you can earn a lot of money for each survey. Each invitation shows how much you can earn with that survey along with the estimated time. This makes it easy to avoid surveys that aren’t worth your time.

Mobile Optimization

The CVS Advisor Panel doesn’t offer a mobile app, but the site is well-optimized for all devices. It’s easy to take surveys whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Other sites that don’t offer an app are often much more difficult to use on your phone. This is typically the most convenient way to take surveys, so a confusing or slow interface is a frustrating issue.

CVS Advisor Panel Review: Is the CVS Advisor Panel Legit?

The CVS Advisor Panel has a somewhat different model than many other sites. That said, it also offers a number of benefits for regular CVS customers.

These are a few of the top reasons to consider CVS Advisor Panel over the alternatives that we found when writing this CVS Advisor Panel review.

High Payouts

Survey websites often advertise hundreds or thousands of points in an attempt to interest new users. While 500 points might sound great, the truth is that point systems usually aren’t as lucrative as they seem. If those 500 points are worth only $2.50, that survey might not be worth your time.

CVS Advisor Panel doesn’t allow you to withdraw cash, but it pays out significantly more than most other sites in terms of time spent. It’s also much more transparent in that you’ll see a dollar amount rather than a number of points. This lets you know exactly how much you’ll earn for taking each survey.

Simple Surveys

Online surveys can ask about a wide range of topics, and it can be tough to take a survey on something you aren’t familiar with. In contrast, every CVS Advisor Panel survey asks you about customer experience. Every CVS regular should have an easy time answering these questions.

This makes it much easier to take surveys while focusing on something else. You can work through surveys while standing in line or watching TV. Most questions will ask about situations and features you’re very familiar with.

Additionally, CVS Advisor Panel surveys are usually shorter than those found on other sites. You should be able to complete most surveys in 15 to 20 minutes. With CVS Advisor Panel, you can take surveys whenever you have some free time.

Easy Redemption

Some survey platforms take days or even weeks to process rewards, and you might be limited to gift cards or other inflexible options. CVS Advisor Panel is intended for CVS regulars, so it’s easy to use your rewards whenever you shop at CVS.

CVS Advisor Panel also tells you exactly when your cash will be available. It can be impossible to predict when you’ll receive your rewards with some other sites. Some surveys allow you to print out ExtraBucks immediately after completion.

Free Sign-up

CVS Advisor Panel is one of the best-paying survey sites, and you can create an account for free. Assuming you’re already an ExtraCare member, there’s no risk or time commitment involved in signing up.

Applying for ExtraCare may sound like a hassle, but it’s actually a great way for CVS shoppers to save money. Members earn 2 percent cash back on all CVS purchases and gain access to a variety of offers. Anyone who regularly shops at CVS should consider joining ExtraCare whether or not they’re interested in taking surveys.

Support Options

While no FAQ page can completely cover all possible concerns, the CVS Advisor Panel FAQ addresses some of the most common issues and questions. It’s a great resource if you’re new to the website or survey sites in general.

The website also offers a convenient support form if you need more personalized help. This helps you manage problems quickly and focus on taking surveys.

CVS Advisor Panel Review - Privacy
The CVS Advisor Panel takes your privacy seriously. However, that’s the nature of the beast — no third parties are involved.

CVS Advisor Panel Review: Is the CVS Advisor Panel a Scam?

Although the CVS Advisor Panel is a legitimate site, it’s definitely not the best option for everyone. There are a few factors that may make other platforms a better choice.

Here are some of the problems we found when writing our CVS Advisor Panel review. Consider creating an account on another website if you’re worried about any of these issues.

Limited Appeal

The CVS Advisor Panel is perfect for CVS regulars, but it isn’t worth using if you rarely or never shop there. Rewards are redeemable only for CVS credit, so you won’t be able to use them anywhere else.

The website’s surveys focus directly on the CVS experience, so you’ll also have trouble responding to questions if you don’t visit the store. Overall, it’s clear that the CVS Advisor Panel is solely intended for loyal customers. Remember that you need a CVS ExtraCare card just to sign up.

Since CVS stores are found only in the United States, this also removes any international availability. The CVS Advisor Panel is limited to American users over the age of 18.

Even if you do shop at CVS, you may not be an ExtraCare member. You’ll need to go to your local CVS and apply for membership just to start taking surveys.

Lack of Surveys

Every survey site has unpredictable survey availability, but the CVS Advisor Panel provides even fewer surveys than other sites. Every survey is commissioned directly by CVS, so you’ll receive invitations only when the company needs information.

Most other platforms gather data for a wide variety of brands and organizations. This leads to more consistent demand and a higher survey volume. Thus, the CVS Advisor Panel provides more limited rewards, especially if you’re trying to earn a lot of money through surveys.

Some websites also provide other ways of making money such as watching videos and shopping with specific brands. The CVS Advisor Panel limits you to taking surveys, and you shouldn’t expect more than three or four invitations per year. Think of it as a small time investment for minor benefits — you’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for anything more.

Online Surveys CVS - Available Surveys Area

Device Requirements

Most survey sites allow you to complete surveys on any device. Some even offer intuitive mobile apps to help you answer questions from any location. The CVS Advisor Panel, on the other hand, can be accessed only through the website.

Additionally, you can take only those surveys for which you received an email invitation.

Some surveys must be completed on a specific device (such as a cellphone), further limiting the number of surveys you can take. This is a major issue for a website that offers only a few surveys each year. You’ll likely miss out on some opportunities.

No Screener Rewards

Getting screened out of surveys is one of the most frustrating things about taking surveys for money. You could spend several minutes answering questions only to find out that you aren’t qualified. This is a complete waste of time, and there’s no way to predict which surveys you’ll qualify for.

Some survey sites have started fighting this problem by removing screener surveys altogether. Instead, they look at your profile data to match you with the right surveys. Other platforms use screeners but offer a small reward if you fail to qualify.

Unfortunately, the CVS Advisor Panel doesn’t provide any benefits when you’re screened out of a survey. While the site once offered $2, users report that this is no longer the case. Keep in mind that each user’s experience with screeners is different. You should consider switching to another site if you find yourself consistently screened out of surveys by the CVS Advisor Panel.

Unpredictable Payout Times

While the CVS Advisor Panel sometimes offers instant payouts, you might have to wait longer to receive your credit. Reward delays are especially frustrating considering how little money is typically involved. Bank and PayPal transfers are often much quicker than CVS Advisor Panel rewards.

Instant payouts are available whenever you receive printable ExtraBucks. At all other times, you’ll be credited at the date specified on the survey. Make sure to check the payout turnaround before taking a new survey.

No Referral Program

Referral rewards allow you to earn even more money on survey sites, but the CVS Advisor Panel doesn’t offer any additional rewards. This significantly limits your total earnings, especially considering how few surveys the website offers.

Many other platforms offer substantial referral benefits, and these can be a great way to supplement the money you make taking surveys. Most users won’t earn much in referral rewards, but those with larger networks may be missing out. Check out other survey sites if you’re looking for a platform with great referral rewards.

High Minimum Age

You might think that survey sites are intended only for adults, but many platforms allow teens to answer questions. This is perfect for younger people who aren’t ready or don’t have time for a more serious job.

Unfortunately, the CVS Advisor Panel registration is limited to users above the age of 18. If you’re under 18, look for other sites with a lower age minimum, such as YouGov.

CVS Advisor Panel Review: The Bottom Line

The CVS Advisor Panel comes with some important limitations, but it’s also one of the most lucrative survey sites currently available in terms of dollars per hour. On the other hand, it offers a low volume, and you shouldn’t expect more than a few invitations each year.

Unfortunately, it’s a realistic option only for those who already shop at CVS. You’ll need an ExtraCare card just to create an account with the CVS Advisor Panel. This is an inconvenient step if you aren’t already a member or interested in joining.

If you’re looking for a new way to earn passive income, the CVS Advisor Panel isn’t a bad place to start. Sign up now and enter your information to start qualifying for new surveys. Remember to respond to invitations quickly before the quota is hit — you’ll miss out on the survey if you wait too long.


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4 years ago

This is a scam!!!!!!
After taking survey AND credit card info it says card blacklisted and won’t go off that screen. So you know have MY credit card info and i don’t even get your product
Thought you were a better company than that CVS

Logan Allec, CPA
Reply to  Laura
4 years ago

Hi Laura. That’s unfortunate to here! Would you mind sending screenshots of what you see to [email protected]? We’d love to update our review with the information you provide.

Deana Dollar
Reply to  Logan Allec, CPA
3 years ago

I took survey, picked out my gift ( flashlight,) filled info in, got ready to pay s&h, $4.95,. At bottom of page it said in 30 days my card will be charged $49.95!! Scammers!

Chuck Gasenica
4 years ago

Yes Hi I’m Chuck Gasenica and took your quick survey and your company said that I could pick a prize for shipping and handling costs. I picked out a watch for my wife. What’s up! They said it would be by the 4th

Ruth Ann Rose
Ruth Ann Rose
4 years ago

The survey turned out to be a scam and a company in California scammed me out of $98.04 in June and &98.34 in July 2020 am disputing charges through my bank 7-11-20

Kerri Shillow
Kerri Shillow
3 years ago

this site took money off my debit care without my permission 2 times in the middle of the night..$ 44.95 and $39.90…dont trust them

It was done through a CVS survey and the cars stay
It was done through a CVS survey and the cars stay
3 years ago

This site took $39.99 one day and then took another $39.85 from my account without my permission it went through to my cash card I am out trying to get my money back and haven’t had any luck doing so I need your help to get my money back. It was done through a CVS survey and the cars stayed it $4.98 for a gift each time but instead I was charged the amount above

bonnie s philp
bonnie s philp
2 years ago

Total scam. Got credit card alert and found they had tried to charge my card for way more than shipping

Kathleen cromer
2 years ago

What a scam, I am no longer going to do any business with CVS, I did the survey and put my card # in for the shipping and handling and next thing I know my bank account is minus $49.95. I will call the fraud department and let them know this is such a scam
Kathleen cromer
[email protected]

2 years ago

THIS IS A SCAM!!!! I completed a survey through CVS…was told I would get a FREE pair of Air Buds, just pay the shipping charges of $7.91…so I did..The next thing I get the airbuds and a “health watch”…I thought, ok..not bad for $7.91….Then next thing I get a charge for over $200 for both these items!!! I called the number given, and they claim since I did not answer back if I liked these items, I got charged to keep them!!!!! WTH??…I am sending them back today (Feb. 19, 2022) and supposedly I will get credited the $200 ($233.00 including shipping charges to be exact) in “a few weeks). I wanted to go on their “website” …(fisurerugs.com)….”sight not found” Unbelievable.!!!

2 years ago

On April 5, 2022, received a CVS invitation to take a survey. The true address of the sender was a long string of numbers and letters with a .ru domain. The email originated from a scammer in Russia! Beware!

Marcia Reed
Marcia Reed
1 year ago

I think I might be scam the email came today for survey from CVS once completed I could choose a prize and just pay shipping so I chose a portable blender and i only paid 4.95 for shipping charges. But i am worried this could be a scam. so far i just see the 4.95 taken from my acct.