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Updated August 13, 2022

21 Side Hustles For Teachers: Legitimate Ways To Earn More

Side Hustles

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Teachers have the ultimate job. They teach our children all the things they need to know to become productive adults later in life. While a teacher’s job is never done, they have the luxury of being off during the summer months.

There is a variety of jobs that a teacher can perform to make some extra money on the side. These side hustles for teachers can help you increase your monthly income.

Read on to see how you can make some money during the summer or year-round as a teacher.

1.    Teach English with English Teaching

As a teacher one of the most natural side hustles that you can make money at is teaching English to students from other countries. There are a number of sites that you can use to teach English online to students located all over the world.

Good to Know: Using a site like English Teaching will allow you to get the ball rolling on your new side hustle. The site connects you with students, where you can use your expertise as a teacher to help them study and learn English as their second language.

2.    Take Surveys with SurveyJunkie

SurveyJunkie is another site where you can make some money as a teacher.  This site allows you to work from home as you answer surveys and get paid for your time.

Good to Know: This is an easy way to earn some teacher money as you relax in the comfort of your home. You can also use SurveyJunkie all year-round to make money without dedicating a lot of time or effort to the process.

Pro Tip: SurveyJunkie pays via PayPal or through gift cards to your favorite places, making it easier than ever to have a side hustle as a teacher.

3.    Dabble in Cryptocurrency with Long Game

If you are looking to tuck away some money as a teacher, you’ll want to try the Long Game app. This app lets you dabble in cryptocurrency while you save money. The app rewards you for saving money by giving you cryptocurrency in exchange for your efforts.

Pro Tip: The longer you stay connected to the app and stash money in the savings account you created on the app, the more cryptocurrency you will earn.

Keep in Mind: Long Game is a fun way to make some money as a teacher without devoting a ton of time to the side hustle. Plus, it lets you see what cryptocurrency is all about.

4.    Lose Weight with HealthyWage

One way that you can make some teacher money is with the HealthyWage site. This site lets you get fit while also earning some cash in the process.

Good to Know: HealthyWage is a particularly good site for those with a competitive spirit. You’ll be able to make a wager with others that are looking to lose weight just like you.

Pro Tip: Enter your bet and get working on your weight loss. The first person to reach the goal of the bet wins the pot. If you don’t meet your weight loss goal, you’ll lose your wager and not earn any money. HealthyWage is one of the best side hustles for teachers as it allows you to lose those extra pounds you gained during the school year while earning money in the process.

5.    Rent Your Home with Airbnb

If you are looking for a way to earn some money easily, try Airbnb. This site lets you rent out your home while you are not there. Guests got to the site looking for a place to stay when they come to your town. You can list your home on the site and wait for guest to come to you. All you will need is a few photos of your home as well as a persuasive description.

Pro Tip: Keep your calendar updated for when your home is available and you’ll start earning money on the side quickly. This is the ideal way to make some money with a side hustle if you go out of town for the summer or if you frequently are not home.

Bonus Tip: Want to earn even more money in summer? Try these moneymaking ideas.

6.    Sell Beauty Products with Avon

If you have a love of makeup and accessory products, you’ll do well as an Avon representative. As one of the part time jobs for teachers after school that we recommend, Avon offers the ability to earn plenty of cash doing what you love.

Pro Tip: Starting as an Avon rep doesn’t cost a lot, and the company helps all along the way to be successful with your side hustle.

Good to Know: You can dedicate as much or as little time to the venture, and you’ll earn up to 40 percent on all your sales. Plus, this is a great side hustle for teachers that are looking for a part time job that they are passionate about.

7.    Get Lots of Promos with Dosh

Another way to keep money in your pocket is with the Dosh app. This app does all the hard work of earning you money while you sit back and collect it. It saves you time by searching for available coupons, promo codes, and rebates, so you always get a deal when you shop.

The Advantage: There will be no more time spent cutting coupons or scanning the internet for a promo code as Dosh does it all for you.  You can save big and earn money with the Dosh app any time of the year.

8.    Babysit with SitterCity

As a teacher, you no doubt like kids, and there is no better way to earn money than to be around them. With SitterCity you can babysit kids and continue influencing them with your watchful eye.

Good to Know: The site connects you with an available job, and you’ll state earning money whenever you are available to babysit. You can work the hours you want, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your vacation without being tied to a part-time job.

9.    Drive Around with Uber

We’ve all heard of Uber but have you considered driving for them? This is simple way to earn some teacher money and meet new people in the process. You’ll decide who you want to drive around and help get them to their destination with ease.

Good to Know: You use your own vehicle and earn money every time you pick up a passenger from the app. You can be an active driver whenever you want to earn some extra money and keep to your local community when you drive.

The Advantage: Uber is a very flexible side hustle that you can do in your free time without a lot of commitment.

10. Tutor a Student with Wyzant

Continue your teaching expertise by helping students in need through the Wyzant site. This website connects you with students of all ages located all over the world. You will tutor them and help them with their coursework.

Good to Know: You’ll provide a one-on-one lesson to a student using a video format where you both can interact with each other.

How Does It Work?

  • Search the job boards to find a student that is looking for help in a subject you excel at, and you’ll increase your monthly income doing something you love.
  • You’ll earn some easy extra money on the side with one of our preferred side hustles for teachers.

Bonus Tip: You can earn money during your summer vacation. Check out these moneymaking tips.

11. Create Lessons with TeachersPayTeachers

If you are a master at creating lesson plans, you’ll want to share your great ideas with other teachers. You can do just that on the TeachersPayTeachers site. Here, you’ll be able to sell your lesson plans for top dollars.

Good to Know: Simply list your lesson plan on the site and sit back and wait for other teachers to buy your hard work.  You can specify what grade your lesson plan is geared to as well as the subject you have concentrated on. This is one of the more ideal part-time jobs for teachers after school.

12. Do Research with

Become a research respondent with the site This site pairs you up with projects that need research answers performed. As a teacher, you no doubt are skilled at providing information, making this site a perfect match for educators.

  • You’ll create a profile on the site and employers will come to you for their research projects.
  • You’ll respond as necessary and provide them the information they are looking for.
  • You will have to adhere to their deadline, but you’ll certainly earn plenty of teacher money for your work.

13. Take Advantage of Your Voice with

As a teacher, you have probably honed your speaking voice. The site is for you then. Advantages

  • You’ll work as a voiceover talent that provides voice work to a variety of productions.
  • You’ll work on commercials, recordings, and videos, becoming a voice of authority to all that hear your work.
  • You can certainly work as much or as little as you want on the site by simply posting your profile and a recording of your voice.
  • Voiceover seekers will come to you, and before you know it, you’ll have one of the easiest side hustles for teachers.

14. Sell Your Craftwork with Etsy

If you have a crafty side, you’ll want to try out Etsy. This site lets you sell your crafts, artwork and other crafty items to people all over the world.

Main Advantage: You’ll be in charge of your pricing, and you virtually sell anything you want on the site.

Pro Tip: Set up an account, post some pictures, and add somedescriptions and you’ll soon be selling your goods for top dollar. Esty provides plenty of exposure for your sale items, making it easy to garner a following of customers.  This is a great way to do something that you love while making money on the side.

Bonus Tip: Find out how you can earn more money in your time off.  

15. Become Someone’s Friend with RentAFriend

If you are looking to help others, you will want to sign up as an available friend on the RentAFriend site.

Good to Know: Here, you’ll become a buddy of another to attend a wedding, party or social event, so they have that friend by their side at all times.  You’ll find that it is an easy job that gets you out meeting people on the side. Plus, you will be helping another with their social skills and be a buddy when they need it the most.

16. Teach English to Chinese Kids with QKids

You can teach English to students in China right from your home with the QKids site. This site puts you in touch with kids that age four to 12-years-old, where you will teach them all the English skills they need.

Good to Know: Here, you’ll put your teaching skills to the test and help students in another country perfect their English skills. This is one of the great side hustles for teachers that can earn you money on the spot for teaching right from your home.

17. Teach Online Courses with Udemy

Teach online course with Udemy. This site allows you to teach the same subjects you teach at your school or another subject of your choice. Udemy pays teachers just like you to teach students that need extra help with their coursework.

Pro Tip: Students are able to search for teachers, courses, or skills, where they will find you and set up the coursework they want to learn. You’ll find that Udemy is a nice side hustle where you can earn teacher money on the side.

18. Write Great Content with Contena

If you excel at writing, you’ll want to get yourself set up on Contena. This writing site allows you to use your writing skills and get paid for it. You’ll find plenty of work on the site as clients offer their projects for money.

Good to Know: You’ll write everything from blogs to books and get paid for your time. If you love to write or want to express yourself through the written word, you’ll find the Contena is the right side hustle for you.

19. Edit and Proofread with Proofread Anywhere

Love editing your students’ work? Why not try Proofread Anywhere as your new side hustle. You’ll be able to proofread pages and other written content for those that need a little help with their grammar.

Keep in Mind: This is one of the ideal part-time jobs for teachers after school as it allows you to correct their work, just like you would in the classroom.

20. Help Students with Homework with Tutor Me

Help students with their homework by using the Tutor Me site. This site lets students connect with teachers for help with math homework to English essays. You’ll be that mentor to a student that is in desperate need of assistance.

Great Advantage: Not only will you get paid for your help, but you feel pretty good knowing that you helped a student ace their school work.

21. Become a VA with Upwork

Become a virtual assistant with the help of Upwork. Here, you can search for a variety of jobs for the exact type of work you are looking for. There are plenty of virtual assistance jobs on the site that will allow you to set your own hours, so it doesn’t interfere with your teaching position.

Good to Know: You’ll bid for jobs and work directly with a client. Upwork will be your communication network and will pay you each time you complete a job. This is an easy way to earn money with a part time job as a virtual assistant right from the comfort of your home.

Wrapping It Up

As you look for a side hustle, think about these possible ideas. They can help you increase your income after school or during the summer.

These are some of the best and more simple ways to earn money on the side, working as much or as little as you want.

Have another idea to make money with a side hustle as a teacher? Let us know. We want to hear your ideas.

You can increase your income with these easy work from home ideas.



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