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Updated April 23, 2023

101 Ways to Make Money Without a Job: The Ultimate List

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Tired of your 9 to 5 job? You feel it is time to take a break and stay at home? Well, you don’t have to keep borrowing money from relatives for your upkeep! We put together a list of 101 ways to make money without a job. Hopefully, you may find that some of these make money alternatives will be helpful and allow you to earn enough for a decent, stress-free life.

Renting Out Your Stuff

Rent Out Your Car

You have an extra car? Perfect! Rent it out to people who need to go on an errand in exchange for some cash. There are apps such as Turo or Getaround that connects a car owner to a renter. Based on your agreement, you’ll earn per-day or on an hourly basis.

Rent Out a Room in Your Home

If you have an extra room in your home, you can rent it out and earn from it. You can use the extra cash to pay off your mortgage or meet other needs. You can sign up on Airbnb or other sites to find people that need to rent out a room.

If you don’t have an extra room, you can earn by being a neighborhood’s co-host. With this, you’ll connect the people who have extra rooms to rent with people who need these rooms.

Rent out Your Possessions

There are platforms such as Loanables where you can rent out almost anything to people who need them. You will earn money and the best part… you’ll still get your stuff back!

Rent Out Your Yard

There are people who need some space to park their boat or a recreational vehicle during the low season. If you have some extra space in your backyard, this is an awesome way to make money from it. For this to work well, you’ll need liability insurance in case anything happens to the stored items in your care.

Rent Out Your Shed

Do you have an extra shed that you no longer uses? Rent it out and make some money! You can advertise your space on sites such as Craigslist and a person who needs it will contact you. As time goes, you can use the earnings from your first shed to construct other sheds. This way, you’ll earn more from your multiple sheds.

Rent Out a Parking Space

Does your area hold some live events where thousands of people attend? You can take advantage of that and rent out some parking space. To do this, you’ll only need to put up a sign and the people looking for a parking space will drive right in!

Rent Out a Studio Space

In most places, it is not easy to find some creative space. You can take advantage of this and earn money from renting items like musical instruments. Renting out amplifiers, mics or even a rehearsal space will also earn you money.

Rent Out Your Boat

Do you have a boat that has been sitting idle for some time? Well, its time to make money off it. Sites such as Sailo will allow you to list your boat as available for rent. You will get a captain as your bonus for listing your boat. With the proceeds you’ll earn from renting your boat, you’ll pay your boat ownership costs.

Make Money Without a Job By Selling Items

Sell  Your Old Jewelry

The jewelry that you have kept in your closet for years can earn you some good cash. All you need to do is to present it to a jewelry shop and you’ll get money. Worried that the jewelry is broken? You can still make money from the metal used in making it.

Create and Sell Items

There are some DIY things such as jewelry, sculptures, and prints, among others that you can sell and make money. Your childhood talent is one of the ways to make money without a job. To get more customers, you can advertise your product on your social media pages for free.

Here are more ways to make money while you sleep

Sell Your Clothes

There is no better way to get rid of your old clothes than making money from them. You’ll earn more if you have some old designer labels or a vintage collection. Online sites such as Depop are always willing to buy your designer clothes or vintage collection.

Sell Your Music

Are you a musician and wants to make money from your music? You can sell it and get a good amount of money.

Sell Your Gift Cards

Are there times someone will gift you a card for a store you never buy from? You don’t have to keep the card in your wallet or throw it away! You can sell the gift card online on sites like Raise where you’ll get your money within 24 hours. The gift card will cost more if it is for major retail shops such as Walmart.

TuneCore is one of the companies that will help in distributing your tunes using digital vendors. You’ll pay a fee for this and still retain all the royalties.

Take Part in a Medical Research

There are always new science discoveries that need testing before they are rolled out. You can take part in the medical trials and earn from them. The amount you’ll earn will depend on the duration the trial will take and the type of research. There are some that will pay good cash especially the more complex and sensitive trials.

Sell Your Old Books

If you are a book lover, you have some books you bought in the past and have already finished reading them. By selling them to your local book store, you earn some money and the process, de-clutter your library.

Sell Your Art

If art is your hobby, you can make money by selling your arts on websites like ArtFire or ShopHandmade.

Sell CDS, DVDs or Video Games

Though most people no longer use these items, you can still make money from the people who need them. Apps such as Decluttr will value your collection and after you ship them, you’ll receive your money.

Sell Your Handmade Crafts

Your creativity can easily earn you money through sites like Etsy. Here, you’ll create your store and stock it at a small fee. Among the items you can create and sell are classy jewelry, woven scarves or headgears.

Check out these great ideas to make money while sleeping

Sell Your Furniture

Instead of keeping your old furniture in the store where they may lose their value, you can sell them! You can sell the furniture directly to a customer through sites such as Craiglist or sell through a consignment store. If it is a designer piece or a vintage collection, you’ll be amazed at the amount you’ll make from it.

Sell Your Junk Mail

Shocked that you can earn from your junk mail? I was shocked too when I heard if for the first time. There are some research companies that are willing to buy your junk mail in exchange for a Visa Prepaid Card. One of the companies that will buy your junk direct mail or email is SBK Center. To know if your emails qualify, you’ll have to sign up and wait to get approved.

Each qualifying mail will earn you points that you’ll redeem once you accumulate 2000 points.

Sell Old Newspapers

Here are some ways you can make money from your old newspapers:

  • Get creative with newspapers: You can make some pop art, hanging banners, jewelry, and other unique creations. When you sell these items, you’ll earn some money from them.
  • Sell the vintage ads in the newspapers: when you look at that newspaper, you’ll most likely view some eye-catching ads. These could be about vintage cars, movie adverts, or popular cartoons such as Mickey Mouse.
  • Selling birthdate newspapers: There are people who are willing to pay as much as $50 for a birthdate newspaper. If you get a unique date that does not have any competition, you’ll most likely make a kill out of it.

People of interest, for instance, will find it really amazing to get a birthdate newspaper as a birthday gift.

Sell Stock Photos

The demand for stock photos and videos keeps increasing each day and you can take advantage of this. All you need is to invest in a good camera that will capture amazing photos. You will sell the photos on sites such as iStock and Shutterstock.

Sell Photos Using Your Phone

If you are really good at taking shots using your iPhone, you can make money from your photos. Apps such as Foap allow you to upload your photos and earn 50% of the amount the photo will cost.

Sell Virtual Property

Do you have some website addresses or email addresses that would interest a well-to-do company? You can sell the addresses to them. Some companies will also offer to buy bank accounts or stocks which will earn you money as well.

Sell Coupons Online

If you have some coupons you don’t intend to use, you can sell them on platforms such as Ebay.

It is amazing that you can even sell a coupon for over $360. Though you may not be this lucky, you’ll still get some good cash from your coupons.

How to Make Money Without a Real Job by Helping People

Tutor People

People are always looking for knowledge regarding various issues and you can make money from this. If you are good in a certain academic field or you are good at legal matters you can make money teaching people.

Websites such as WyzAnt are great platforms to offer tutoring services once you open an account. 20% to 40% of your fee will go to the website owners while you take the rest of the money.

Become a Babysitter

Being a baby sitter does not have to involve leaving your home and going to other people’s houses. You can offer babysitting services at home and still earn money. To access a job as a babysitter, websites such as Sitter City and Care.com would be really useful.

Become a Life Coach

Based on the available statistics, you can earn up to $100,000 each year. The best part is that you don’t need formal training to become a life coach. You can provide life coach services right at the comfort of your home.

Become a Consultant

Is there a subject you know too well compared to what most people know? You can use your expertise to make money! You can provide consultancy services at home via phone calls, emails or Skype.

Repair Bicycles

With your little knowledge about bikes, you can offer to repair bicycles at home. this may not fetch much but if you are able to carry out multiple minor repairs, you’ll earn a lot.

Provide Senior Services

If there are senior citizens in your area, you can offer to run errands on their behalf in exchange for a fee. You can take up more than one errand at once and by this, you’ll earn more.

Do Alterations

Do you have a sewing machine that is just lying idly in the house? You can make money from it! You can provide alteration services to the people in your neighborhood and earn from the service. To make more money, you can provide training on alteration to anyone that needs the service.

Scalp Tickets

If you are good at predictions, you can make huge profits using scalp tickets. You will predict an event that will sell out, buy the tickets at a low price and later sell at a profit. To stand a better chance of making more profits, buy the tickets as early as possible. When the event nears, sell them at a high price.

StubHub.com is one of the best sites where you can buy genuine tickets which you’ll later scalp.

Find Missing Money

There are people who may not be aware that there is money in their name they ought to claim. You can offer to help such people to search for their unclaimed money at a fee. The more the people you will help, the more you’ll earn from your efforts in your search for lost money.

Accumulate Sign-up Bonuses

There are credit card issuers banks sign-ups that will earn you huge bonuses. To earn the bonuses, you’ll sign up to as many as possible. As you enjoy the bonus, ensure that you do not spend on unnecessary purchases.

Make Money From Your Friendship

Ever heard of getting paid to be friends with someone? Well, this is possible! You can become a rental friend where you will get paid for being someone’s companion.  You don’t have to be physically present as you can offer phone and email friendship.

The more friends you’ll have, the more money you will earn from your ventures. One of the sites you can earn from friendship is RentaFriend where you can earn up to $2,000 each week.

Become a Pet Sitter

Does the presence of pets fascinate you? You can earn by taking care of them, either at your home or at the pet owner’s residence. Do not overlook the local regulations about the maximum number of pets you can take care of at once.

Become a Cat Therapist

Do you have the ability to make a hissing cat that is all over the place calm down and behave well? If you are, you can make money doing this to people’s cats! You will spend most of your time talking to the cats and helping them relate better with their owners.  If you have a field in your home, it will be better as you’ll have a good training place for as many cats as possible.

Predict Elections

If you invest some funds to be able to predict national elections outcome, it will be a chance to earn millions. To earn more, you have to make your predictions early enough when the stakes are very high.

Become a Subject of Research

There are some clinical trials where you will get paid to participate. Though most trials will demand that you move to a specified place, there are others you can partake from home. For instance, you can be required to take a certain medication for some days and then submit the findings. This will be in exchange for cash

Get People Married

You can get ordained as a minister online and from here, you’ll officiate local wedding ceremonies. You will earn from this and it will not take up much of your time.

Other Ways to Make Money without a Real Job

Become an Online Mock Juror

As an online mock juror, you will review evidence and render a decision based on your findings. With this, a lawyer will adequately prepare for an oncoming case.

Working as a mock juror online may earn you between $10 and $60. Considering that you’ll earn the money from home and all this in less than 1 hour, it is worth it.

Tweet to Make Money

If your tweeter account has a good following, you can use it to make money. You’ll get paid to tweet about a product just.

You can access a website such as MyLikes.com to find products you can tweet about and get paid.

Provide Answers

There are websites such as JustAnswers.com that will pay you to answer questions. Look for a topic you are well versed about and earn by responding to questions related to the topic.

Make Money by Watching TV

Apps such as provide opportunities where you’ll get paid for watching commercials. Your payment will depend on the number of hours you spend watching movies, show or music.

Participate in Surveys

This is one of the best ways to make money without a job that will take you some few minutes. If you are fast enough, you’ll manage to earn up to $5 per hour.

InboxDollars is one of the sites where you can find well-paying surveys and earn from them.

Test Websites

Testing out the functionality of a new website and earning from it is fun.  You will only need to give feedback after testing the website and you’ll get your dues.

You can earn more than $10 per hour and if you sign up with more websites, you have a chance to earn more.

Evaluate Search Engines

You can make money without a real job by evaluating search engines where you’ll get paid at an hourly rate.

The amount you’ll get depends on the time you are willing to set aside for the task.

Become a Comedian

If you are able to come up with amazing videos, you can post them on YouTube and earn from it.

The more established comedians earn millions from their funny videos.

Post Video Reviews

It is possible to make millions with video reviews on popular items such as toys and beauty products.

Age is not a limitation in this matter as children as young as 9 years have made lots of cash from reviews.

Get Paid to Search

If you are able to search the web via Microsoft, you’ll get incentives which you can redeem for various rewards.

You can choose to redeem your reward for movies, gift cards, or even some games.

Be a Beta Tester

Most computer products have to get tested before being released into the market. You can sign up with websites such as UTest, or Erli Bird to become one of the beta testers. The more unfinished products you test, the more money you’ll make.

Take Part in Contests

There are multiple online contests that can enable you to make money without a job. There is no guarantee that you’ll win the contest but the experience is worth more.

Make Money by Watching Movie Previews

There are sites such as Swagbucks that will request you to watch a certain video and in exchange, you’ll earn points. As your points accumulate, you will redeem them for a gift card(s) that you’ll use to make your purchases.

Get Paid for Listening to Music

There are websites such as MusicXRay where you’ll earn points for listening to music. As your points accumulate, you’ll redeem them and get gift cards

Flipping Domain Names

If you are able to carry out a domain flipping task, you can earn money from it. You have to know the names that add value to a website to carry out this task.

Ways to Make Money Without Working a 9-5 Job

If you are really good with words, you can use your expertise to make money at home. here is how:


Write a Book and Get it Published

In the past, the publisher was responsible for marketing every book he publishes but things are different. You will be responsible for marketing your book if you want to make sales.

By building your online audience, more people will read your book as they’ll have more faith in you. Publishers will also fight to publish any of your books.

Write Content

There are numerous freelancing sites where you can get writing assignments and earn from them.

To earn more as a content writer, you have to be really fast in your writing as the pay is low.

Write Speeches

Do you listen to politicians as they give their speeches in public gatherings? Someone writes the speech on their behalf.

You can make money writing speeches but the pay will depend on the client. If you are lucky enough, you can land a high paying speechwriting job.

Write Blog Posts

Writing blog posts will earn you more than writing content as you can receive up to $100 per blog post.

Write Slogans

There are websites where you’ll get slogan writing jobs that you can do f, from home. For some, you’ll get paid after completing the slogan. For others, it will be a contest where the best participant will earn amazing prizes.

Participate in Writing Contests

There are multiple writing contests that you can take part in and win cash prizes of up to $10,000. If you win the competition, you will get a publishing contract in addition to the cash prize. Participating in a contest will not require you to leave your home as everything is done online

Be a Proofreader

Are you really good in grammar and can spot even the tiniest grammatical errors? This will be a great chance for you to make money from home.

Provide Free eBooks

Do you know you can make money giving free ebook? To make the money, you’ll promote some affiliate products and in return, you’ll get a commission.

You can also give away a free book to promote one of your bigger books.

Write College Assignments

Though it is unethical, you can earn a lot from writing assignments on behalf of college students.  You’ll smile all the way to the bank as these jobs really pay well.

Write Reviews

There are some companies that are willing to pay some good cash for writing their product’s reviews.

SocialSpark is one of the sites where you receive payment for blogging, tweeting, or posting videos.

Edit Blogs

You can earn money by working as an online editor where you’ll earn an average wage of $46 per hour.  This is a huge amount considering you’ll not leave your house and all you need is an internet connection.

Online Jobs and Businesses that Will Help You Make Money

Become a Transcriptionist

If you have very good listening and typing skills, transcription is a job that can earn you money at the comfort of your home.

Work for a Call Center

If you are very good in communication, you can work with a company that hires online phone operators. You’ll spend your day responding to customer’ calls at the comfort of your home and earn money from it.

Become a Virtual Assistant

When you get hired as a virtual assistant, you’ll be responsible for sending emails, answering calls, and preparing reports.

You may also carry out other tasks and get paid on completion.

Manage Social Media Pages

As a social media manager, you are expected to keep the social media pages of the organization up to date. Websites such as Monster.com are a good source of social media manager jobs.

Become a Web Designer

You can design websites on behalf of your clients and get paid for it without leaving your home.

Create Podcasts

You can create podcasts and sell them as advertising platforms. If you are really good, you stand a chance to make good cash.

Make and Sell Online Courses

Today, most people search for information online and you can take advantage of this to make money.

You can make an online course and earn from it for a long time.

Be a Virtual Bookkeeper

If you have a little experience in bookkeeping, you can make money by working for others. You do not require to have advanced knowledge to carry out this task.

If you are able to get a good client, you’ll make some good cash from this task without leaving your home.

Design Apps

If you are good at designing apps, you can make money without a real job. all you will do is to search for opportunities from online platforms and get busy.

The more complex an app will be, the more you’ll earn from it.

Teach Chess Online as You Play

Are you chess pro and have some good internet access? You can earn from your hobby by teaching others to play the game.

You can also create ebooks about chess and earn from them.

Other Amazing Ways You Can Make Money at Home Without a Job

Cuddle With Strangers

If you don’t mind having a platonic relationship with a stranger, this is a great way to make money. The best part is that you don’t have to meet physically as you can do this from home. You will earn up to $60 every hour for your cuddling services.

Make Money from Treasure Hunting

If you are not the original owner of your home, it is possible that the previous owner had hidden some treasures. You can search for those treasure and then sell them to make money. Who know… you may find something really precious that will change your financial status.

Be a Calligrapher

With your perfect handwriting, you can make money as an online calligrapher. People who need services such as addressing envelops for a wedding invitation will use your services.

Start a Blog

Your website is a great tool that you can use to make money without a job. Though it will take time to create a blog and come up with amazing content, it is a worthy investment. As your web traffic increases, you will start making money from your blog.

Do you want to create a blog now and start making money without a job? Check this out!

Make Money by Losing Weight

Does the idea of shedding off some pounds arouse your interest? Well, you can make money by losing weight.

HealthyWage is one of the sites where you’ll get paid for shedding off excess weight. The more weight you lose within a specified period, the more you’ll earn.

Make More Money by Walking

In addition to keeping fit by walking, you can also make money by walking and receive it via PayPal. If being fit does not motivate you to walk, earning money from it definitely will!

Make Money Doing Voice-Over Jobs at Home

There is no day that passes without hearing a new advert on your TV, radio, website or even videos. You can make money by doing voice overs for different companies. The more vigilant you are in getting voice over jobs, the more you’ll earn.

Make Money by Saving on Electricity

Do you know that in addition to reducing your energy bills you can also make money by using less electricity? Arcadia Power is a free service will pay you for using less energy. The more energy you save, the more cash prizes you’ll receive. This should be enough motivation for you to reduce your energy consumption as much as possible.

Take Pets for a Walk

How about taking some pets for a walk and making money from it? You will have fun, become healthier, and in addition, get money. You can join a dog walkers’ network where you’ll access more opportunities to make money.

Become a Freight Broker

People are always searching for reliable and affordable transport to move from one place to the other. By being a link between the freight companies and these customers, you stand a chance to make more. The best part, you will provide these services and get paid from home.

Design T-Shirts and Sell Them

The demand for t-shirts keeps increasing by the day even as the population grows. You can invest in designing t-shirts and earn an income from home. To make more money, you can advertise your designer t-shirts on your social media pages.

Become a Product Assembly Service Provider

There are multiple companies that will hire you to assemble their products from your home. they will send you the materials and pay you to assemble them. The faster you are, the more you’ll earn from assembling products.

Become a Travel Agent

Over 70% of travel bookings are through travel agents and you can tap into this market to make money. You can open your own travel agent from your home and make money by helping people with their travel bookings.

Become a Translator

If you can speak other languages besides English, you can make money from being an interpreter. The demand for translators is increasing daily and you will make money if you tap into this market.

Become a Woodworker

If you own a workshop and home and can make some unique items, you can earn from it. The more unique your work is, the more the money that people will be willing to pay.

Plan Events

Most of the people who want to hold events are too busy to organize them and this is where you come in. you will help them to plan the event and make money from it either from home or by going to the venue. If you are more vigilant, you can plan more events and make more money.

Become a House Sitter

If there are people planning to go for a holiday, you can offer to care for their home and make money from it. When taking care of the house, you’ll get free accommodation and in addition, you will get paid.

Become a Sports Agent

There are numerous upcoming players looking for ways to join some of the leading teams. By working as a sports agent, you’ll be able to connect these players with the teams looking for money. The more people you will connect with their dream clubs, the more money you’ll make.

Be a Medical Transportation Provider

People with various medical conditions that make them use wheelchairs or stretches have special transportation needs. You can tap into this uncongested market and make good money from it. Apart from having a driver’s license, you do not need any special qualifications.

Make Cleaning Products at Home

The process of making cleaning products is not complicated and you’ll learn it in a few days or hours. If you are able to make green products, for instance, you’ll earn a lot from these products. People want products that will not harm their children and pets when the cleaning is ongoing.

Offer Massage Services at Home

It is possible to offer massage services at home and make money. Depending on your neighborhood and the number of people you’ll massage will determine the amount you’ll earn. As long as people are working, they’ll need a form of relaxation and massage is a great option.

Become a Music Teacher

Do you have a talent for playing musical instruments such as guitar? You can make money by teaching people to play from home. You can organize to teach people as a group so that you earn more for each session.


Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA and founder of Choice Tax Relief and Money Done Right. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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