Earny Review
Updated January 21, 2021

Earny Review: Is the Earny App Safe? How Does Earny Work?

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If you love shopping online, like most of us do, you’re probably looking for the best deals online.

One of the best ways to maximize your dollar is through apps: some apps pay you to play games, and others pay you for other activities.

One such app is Earny. It analyzes your purchase information and gives you cash when the prices drop on the things you’ve already bought.

That’s right — you’ll get cash back on things you’ve already bought when the priced drops.

Sound familiar?

You may have heard of a similar site called Paribus that offers customers the chance to get cash back when prices drop.

We’re here to provide you with all the information you need about Earny and how it compares to Paribus.

Earny Review

Earny is a site that allows you to automatically get money back on the purchases you’ve already made online.

Earny works with a network of online retailers to provide refunds when prices drop.

Most companies have a policy about price drops and refunds.

Rather than you having to research everyone’s policy, Earny does the research for you and automatically gets you the refund you deserve when prices drop.

Aside from getting money back on things you’re already buying online anyway, signing up for Earny is completely free.

Earny makes its money by taking a small percentage of your refund, so it does everything it can to get you a refund on your purchases, making it a win-win situation.

This is a fantastic way to earn money back on the things you’re already buying online anyway.

You can get started in just a few minutes by signing up for your own account on the Earny website or right through the app.

How Does Earny Work?

When you sign up for Earny (which we will walk through later in this article), you’ll be able to select your email inbox for Earny to scan.

The site will scan your emails for any receipts from online purchases and then searches for price drops on the items you purchased online.

When there is a price drop, Earny works on your behalf to claim that difference.

You’ll be notified every time there’s a price drop that Earny finds, meaning you don’t have to worry about searching for price drop policies or even logging into Earny to check the status of your purchases.

It’s that simple!

Earny takes the hassle out of getting the refund you deserve after prices drop on your purchases.

This simple and effective site scans all of your receipts and does all the work for you.

From Amazon to Walmart, you’ll be covered if prices drop.

Signing Up For Earny

When you do sign up for Earny, you’ll need to provide it access to your email content as well as link your credit card information.

Earny scans your email content for receipts as well as your credit card purchases to validate your purchases online.

While giving Earny access to your email content as well as your credit card information does seem like a lot of information to give, your payment information is safe with Earny.

However, your personal contact information can be shared with third-party vendors that Earny works with, meaning you may be contacted via email with promotional offers from their partners.

That’s not something you will see with Paribus, who fully protects your information, but you can still earn significant cash back with Earny, making it a great option if you don’t mind promotional emails coming to your inbox.

You’ll have access to your personal dashboard after signing up, which allows you to track your previous cash back as well as the status of your current purchases that Earny has detected.

Earny Price Protection

Earny does offer a unique feature that some other cashback sites do not.

By allowing Earny access to your credit card information, Earny uses your credit card company’s price protection to get you cash back when prices drop.

Earny uses your credit card company’s price protection claim process to file a claim when it detects a price drop, meaning you’ll get that money back through your credit card company.

If you’d prefer to be paid in a different way, you can always change that setting in your Earny dashboard.

The Earny App

The Earny app is a great way to track your earnings on the go.

It’s a simple and easy to use application that tracks your past purchases, shows your current refund information, and allows you to change your preferences.

Once you set up your account, whether on your computer or on the app on your phone, you don’t have to do anything else unless you want to check the status of your refunds or get a cash back history.

That means once you install the app and set it up, you can forget all about it and you’ll still get cash back on your online purchases.

Earny vs. Paribus

If you’re wondering which you should choose between Paribus and Earny, we recommend Paribus.

Paribus is a very well-known site that provides exceptional cash back by scanning purchases just like Earny.

Rather than working off of your credit card’s price protection policy, Paribus scans retailers’ price drop policies and works on your behalf to get the difference sent to you.

Why We Like Paribus More than Earny

There are a few reasons we like Paribus over Earny.

While they are both great programs, we want to be honest and open about the information we provide.

Paribus Does Not Share Your Information

Paribus does not send your information to third party vendors, and we like the robust selection of retailers that Paribus partners with directly.

Nobody likes unnecessary advertisements or spam in their inbox, and unfortunately with Earny, you might notice some of those emails come through.

That’s because Earny shares your contact information with its partners.

While Earny is very up front about that in its Privacy Policy, some people won’t like the fact that their information is shared like that.

The good news is that your credit card information is completely safe.

We like that Paribus keeps your personal contact information safe as well.

Paribus Covers More Retailers

As for the retailers, Earny does cover a wide range of popular retailers including Amazon, Nike, Target, and Walmart to name just a few.

Paribus allows you to give access to your Amazon account for faster purchase verification, which feels more secure than providing your credit card information like Earny requires.

As we said, both sites are fantastic and do a great job at getting you cash back; there are just a few things that set Paribus apart from Earny.

Getting Paid by Earny

There are plenty of ways to get paid through Earny.

You’ll be able to check your current balance on the Earny app or website, where you can then cash that balance out and get paid real cash for the price drop on your purchases.

Once you have a balance on the refunds page, you can have a check mailed directly to you or you can have your refund amount deposited into your PayPal account.

As we mentioned, Earny uses your credit card’s price protection program to secure your refund, so you’ll actually be getting a check or deposit from your credit card company rather than Earny directly.

While signing up for Earny is completely free and there are no monthly fees to be part of the program, Earny does take 25% of your refund.

Rather than keeping the 25% from each refund they find, they charge the card that you have stored with them at the end of each month, so make sure to set aside 25% of your refunds that you receive so you can offset that cost.

Is Earny Safe?

We know how important information security is.

With so much of what we do taking place online, it’s important to make sure that the sites and companies that we do business with keep our information safe and secure.

Your sensitive credit card information is never going to be shared with anyone outside of Earny.

Better yet, the refund payment comes from your credit card company directly, so you don’t have to worry about Earny also having access to your bank account information for deposits.

Earny does share your contact information with third party vendors that they partner with.

While that doesn’t necessarily mean that your information isn’t safe, we’d prefer it if they didn’t share that information at all.

You’ll definitely notice an increase in the number of promotional emails you receive, but there aren’t any security concerns that we’ve noticed when it comes to information sharing from Earny.

Is Earny Legit?

Sites like Earny and Paribus often seem too good to be true.

We are here to tell you that both Earny and Paribus are completely legit ways to earn money back on the online purchases you’ve already made.

By using your credit card company’s price protection policy, Earny works on your behalf to secure a refund when the price of your purchases drop.

They take a small cut of the refund and you get money back that you previously wouldn’t have gotten, which is win for both you and Earny.

We definitely understand that providing your credit card information can be cause for concern, but that credit card information is safe and secure when you share it with Earny.

They use that information to first get your credit card company’s price protection policy, and second, to verify your online purchases faster, meaning you’ll get your refund sooner.

Earny is a safe and legitimate way to get money back on the shopping you’re already doing, and it takes just a few minutes to sign up for an account to start getting money back today.

Earny Review: Conclusion

Earny is a fantastic site that has helped countless users get real cash back on their online purchases.

By working with a vast network of top online retailers, Earny works on your behalf to secure a refund when prices drop.

You can quickly and easily sign up online or right through the easy to use Earny app.

Earny has a unique feature that we really love, the Earny price protection.

Rather than basing refunds on the individual retailers’ price protection policies alone, Earny uses your credit card company’s price protection agreement to secure your refund, which means Earny has a much better chance of getting you a refund when prices drop.

Where there is an opportunity is with the information that is shared through Earny.

As we mentioned, we would prefer if our contact information was not shared with third parties.

Unlike Paribus, Earny shared your email contact information with the companies that Earny partners with, meaning you’re likely to get promotional emails from those emails after signing up with Earny.

Aside from sharing your contact information with other companies, we think Earny is a very robust site that helps countless users get refunds on purchases that they otherwise would not have gotten.

By spending just a few minutes to sign up for Earny, you can start earning real cash back on the purchases you’re making online every day.

Logan Allec, CPA

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David Bernier
David Bernier
1 year ago

Earny app is a scam. They began charging me 10 bucks a month without my say so. When I try to cancel my subscription, they tell me to click on profile and select remove my account. No such tab exists under profile. Stay away from this app!