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Updated December 03, 2021

20 Ways to Get Free Cryptocurrency


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With the chance to earn a significant amount of money through cryptocurrency, you might be looking into simple ways to amass cryptocurrency for yourself.

While cryptocurrencies are often volatile, they can provide much greater rewards than traditional investment ventures.

For example, in April 2021, bitcoin reached a then-high of $64,863, and on November 10, 2021, it topped that figure with a new all-time high of $68,950.

When Bitcoin first released in 2010, it cost roughly $0.0008 to purchase a single Bitcoin.

So while the prices of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed, it’s still possible to get cryptocurrencies completely free.

Here is Money Done Right’s guide to the 20 best ways to get free cryptocurrency without mining.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

While cryptocurrency may sound complex, and in many facets it is, the idea of cryptocurrency is actually rather simple.

Rather than a centralized form of physical currency, cryptocurrency is a digital peer-to-peer currency that is tracked through a public digital ledger.

This public ledger is called a blockchain, and one of the most common ways to earn cryptocurrency is to mine the blockchain.

This mass running ledger is encrypted to secure user data and to secure the entire system.

Cryptocurrency can be used just like any other form of currency; it is simply housed digitally rather than being physically printed and minted.

You also have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency through cryptocurrency exchanges, which are similar in some respects to stock exchanges.

Rather than storing, receiving, and transferring money through a traditional bank, however, digital wallets are used to make these digital transactions.

These wallets secure cryptocurrencies, make online transactions streamlined, and even give you access to the public ledger.

The Basics of Mining

Every cryptocurrency transaction made is added to the ledger queue.

Before it makes it onto the public ledger, each transaction needs to be validated.

Miners use software to validate the transactions in sets, which are called blocks.

When a block of transactions is completed, miners work to validate the data as quickly as possible.

The first miner to verify the data receives a cryptocurrency reward.

The verified block is then added to the public ledger, creating a chain of blocks that make up the ledger, which is where the term “blockchain” comes from.

The entire system is encrypted, and the transactions are validated when the encryption is solved by mining software.

Using a keyword, a string of numbers that only a specific keyword can produce (called a HASH), and a randomly generated number, advanced mining software works to validate all transactional data before any other user.

Before the rise of the cryptocurrency market, it was possible to mine from your home computer and earn a lot of cryptocurrency profitably.

As prices skyrocketed, more and more miners began competing for crypto, and more and more transactions began occurring all over the world.

Now, it would take years for a home computer to validate just one block of transactions. This has caused many miners to rely on expensive hardware as well as mining software through cloud-based applications.

That said, there are some cryptocurrencies you can mine without the use of expensive equipment, such as Helium.

How to Get Free Cryptocurrency Without Mining

If mining sounds too complex, we’re here to show you a few simple ways to get free cryptocurrency.

You don’t need to invest in an expensive crypto mining right, and you don’t need to be a cryptocurrency expert to get free cryptocurrency like this.

Here are our top 20 ways to get free cryptocurrency without mining.

Note: We update this page on a daily basis as opportunities come and go, so be sure to bookmark it and check it often.

1. Eat Some Burger King

Burger King Crypto

If you like Whoppers, I have good news for you: Spend $5.00 (pre-tax) as a Burger King Royal Perks member before December 17, 2021, and you’ll get some free cryptocurrency.

You’re guaranteed to — at the very least — win some Dogecoin with a (long) shot at winning Bitcoin or Ethereum instead.

Based on the official rules, here are your odds of winning:

  • Bitcoin Prize (20 available): 1 in 100,011
  • Ethereum Prize (200 available): 1 in 10,001
  • Dogecoin Prize (2 million available): 1 in 1

You’ll need the Robinhood app to get in on this because Burger King is doing this promotion with Robinhood.  So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for Robinhood.  Use our referral link to get a free stock while you’re at it.  If you already have a Robinhood account, you can just use that one — no need to set up another one.
  2. Download the Burger King app on iOS or Android.
  3. Make a purchase of $5 or more (pre-tax) through the app.
  4. Check your email for a link to claim your crypto.

Alternatively, you can make your purchase through your account on rather than using the Burger King app.

And that’s it!  How many times can you enter?  Once per day until December 17!

2. Get Crypto Signup Bonuses

The quickest way to get free cryptocurrency is to get signup bonuses from cryptocurrency exchanges.

Similar to stock market bonuses, you need to deposit or trade a certain dollar amount within the platform within a certain period of time in order to be eligible for the bonus.

In the table below, we’ve compiled the best ways to get cryptocurrency signup bonuses as of November 2021.

The SoFi one is particularly interesting because there is no deposit required if you use our link to sign up for a SoFi Invest account and then use your $5 in rewards to set up a SoFi Crypto account.

That said, if you do have at least $100 to deposit, you can use this other link to sign up directly for SoFi Invest and you will get a $25 stock bonus that you can sell and redeem for crypto.

Exchange Bonus Requirements Sign Up
Must open account and stake CRO

$25 in Coin (CRO)

Must use our link, open account, and stake CRO

Must open account - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED

$5 in Free Cryptocurrency

Must use our link and open SoFi Invest account then redeem $5 bonus to a new SoFi Crypto account
Also see $25 stock bonus under idea #6

Must use our link and make initial deposit within 30 days

Up to $250 in
Free Bitcoin Depending
On Deposit Amount

Must use our link and make initial deposit within 30 days

Must use our link and deposit at least $400 of crypto within 30 days

$40 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and deposit at least $400 of crypto within 30 days

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$25 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

Must use Reward Code LOG23B2B5 and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$25 in Free Bitcoin
Reward Code

Must use Reward Code LOG23B2B5 and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$10 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$10 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

3. Watch Videos on Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

It has recently rolled out a section of its site called Coinbase Earn that allows you to earn free cryptocurrency simply by watching educational cryptocurrency videos.

So not only are you getting free crypto but free education as well.

Note that CoinMarketCap also has an earn feature, but I found it to be a bit clunkier than Coinbase’s.

4. Get Free NFTs

Get Free NFTs


While non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are not technically cryptocurrencies, they are crypto-adjacent, and people are making life-changing money with them.

Of course, most NFTs don’t sell for millions of dollars, but I have personally made a few thousand dollars flipping NFTs.

Some NFT projects have invite bonuses in which the project’s creators will give away an NFT to the top five or ten people who invite the most people to the project’s Discord.

Now, if this all sounds like too much work for you, here’s an easy way to get a chance at free NFTs: Just search for NFT giveaway on Twitter, and you’ll see countless giveaway opportunities like the one below that generally require you to follow a certain Twitter account and retweet one of its tweets for a chance to win an NFT.

If you’d like to stay up to date on these opportunities, follow me on Twitter, where I post and retweet cryptocurrency promotions!

That said, as with all things in cryptocurrency, be wary of scams — there are some Twitter accounts out there that claim to give away NFTs but are just lying for clout (see below).

I don’t know if this particular Twitter account is just lying for followers or if they’re actually trying to scam people by getting access to their wallets, but in any case, for any given blockchain, you can never be too safe.

I would actually recommend having one “burner wallet” that you use to purchase NFTs and involve yourself in giveaways and another wallet where you store your NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

And always do your own research!

5. Apply For the BlockFi Credit Card

BlockFi Credit Card

Cryptocurrency exchange BlockFi recently released the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.

This card offers 1.5% back in Bitcoin on every single purchase — and it has no annual fee!

You will also earn 3.5% back in Bitcoin during your first three months of having the card up to $100 worth of Bitcoin and will earn 2% back in Bitcoin for every purchase over $50,000 annually.

Also, if you trade cryptocurrency through BlockFi, you will earn 0.25% back in Bitcoin on all eligible trades.

The card also comes with a refer-a-friend bonus of $30 for every friend you refer who is approved for the card.

You can click here to see if you’re approved with no impact on your credit score.

6. Get Free Stock and Exchange It For Crypto

Many stock brokerage companies are giving away free stock to new users (I cover all of these bonuses in this article.)

However, some of these stock market companies also let users purchase cryptocurrency on their platforms.

So what savvy users can do is:

  1. Get the free stock bonus.
  2. Sell their free stock.
  3. Use the proceeds to purchase cryptocurrency.

In the table below, I’ve listed all the stock brokerage companies giving away free stock right now that also let you purchase cryptocurrency.

All you have to do is meet the free stock requirements, sell the free stock, and then use the cash to purchase crypto.

Broker Bonus Requirements Fees Sign Up

Up to $70
in Free Stock
When You Use
This Link
and Input
Referral Code
in The App

Must use
our link
and input
referral code



$25 in Free Stock

Must deposit at least $100



2 Free Stocks

Must deposit at least $100 within 30 days


Coins Supported: BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, ETC, BSV

1 Free Stock

Must create account


7. Use the Brave Browser

Brave Browser

The Brave Browser — which is available both on desktop and on Android devices — awards you with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency for using the Brave Browser to use the internet.

Brave will typically block all ads from your internet viewing experience.  However, when you first download Brave, you will be asked if you want to opt in to the Brave Rewards program.

If you opt in to Brave Rewards, you will be shown some ads that Brave describes as “high quality.”

In exchange for showing you ads, Brave gives you BAT, which you can transfer to your Gemini wallet and earn 3.49% interest on.

Important: Last month (November 2021), Basic Attention Token hit new all-time highs!  If you’d like to learn more about Basic Attention Token and the Brave Browser, be sure to watch my video below.

8. Use the Lolli Extension

Lolli Browser Extension

The Lolli browser extension is a crypto-back tool that gives you a percentage of your purchase back in Bitcoin.

All you have to do is download the extension and then shop online at the stores you usually shop at.

P.S. If you’re using the Brave Browser I mentioned above, you’ll need to tell it to let you see ads on Lolli.

9. Read Articles on Publish0X

Publish0X is a cryptocurrency publishing platform that gives both writers and readers a portion of the ad revenue generated by the site.

Here’s how it works:

1. You sign up for Publish0X here.

2. You read cryptocurrency articles.

3. At the end of each article, you will be asked how much of your rewards you want to keep for yourself and how much you want to give to the author of the piece you just read.  Make your selection.

4. See the cryptocurrency immediately deposited into your account.

I earned $0.02 of a cryptocurrency called FARM for reading an article that took me less than a minute to read.

Publish0x Earnings

FARM is a liquid cryptocurrency listed on Coinbase; it’s not some obscure token that you would have to sign up on some shady DeFi platform to use.

(It’s important to keep this in mind when looking for free cryptocurrency opportunities — if the “free” cryptocurrency you’re getting is not available to trade on major exchanges, then it may be more hassle than it’s worth if you’re a crypto newbie.)

So you won’t earn a fortune with Publix0X, but if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency anyway, it can be a good option.

Just remember that there’s not a whole lot of editorial oversight on Publish0X — really anybody could publish an article if they want to — so just like with anything in cryptocurrency, take what you read on Publish0X with a grain of salt!

10. Participate in Cryptocurrency Referral Programs

Cryptocurrency programs are available to those who are part of crypto exchange sites, and if you currently hold crypto, you’re more than likely already a part of one of those exchange sites.

These exchanges often have a referral program, much like an affiliate program.

When you get others to sign up using your referral link, you can earn free crypto or other rewards.

Users have to complete specific actions, typically a minimum number of transactions or buying and selling a minimum amount on the exchange, in order for you to earn your referral reward.

Using an exchange’s referral program is one of the easiest ways for you to earn cryptocurrency for free, with very little involvement needed on your end.

Remember to always go through secure, safe exchanges to avoid common scams.

All of the exchanges below have referral programs that you can participate in.

Exchange Bonus Requirements Sign Up
Must open account and stake CRO

$25 in Coin (CRO)

Must use our link, open account, and stake CRO

Must open account - NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED

$5 in Free Cryptocurrency

Must use our link and open SoFi Invest account then redeem $5 bonus to a new SoFi Crypto account
Also see $25 stock bonus under idea #6

Must use our link and make initial deposit within 30 days

Up to $250 in
Free Bitcoin Depending
On Deposit Amount

Must use our link and make initial deposit within 30 days

Must use our link and deposit at least $400 of crypto within 30 days

$40 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and deposit at least $400 of crypto within 30 days

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$25 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

Must use Reward Code LOG23B2B5 and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$25 in Free Bitcoin
Reward Code

Must use Reward Code LOG23B2B5 and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$10 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

$10 in Free Bitcoin

Must use our link and buy at least $100 of crypto within 30 days

11. Understand the Market Cycle

Bitcoin Market Cycle

No one knows the future, but I personally see Bitcoin and Ethereum prices going a lot higher during this bull run — yes, this means new all-time highs even beyond $66,000 for Bitcoin — followed by an altcoin run up before we enter the next crypto bear market.

So what am I saying?

If you have significant Bitcoin holdings, consider shifting some of your Bitcoin profits into altcoins the next time Bitcoin has a huge run-up.  This is not investment advice but just my opinion.

While you will have to pay taxes on the appreciation in your Bitcoin that you swap into altcoins, using an exchange like Celsius will allow you to make the exchange for free.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most volatile investments available today, but it can also be one of the biggest payoffs if you invest correctly.

Exchange your coins strategically and you’ll see real gains.  Although this strategy may not give you “free” crypto in the sense of the other ideas on this list, it can still drastically increase your net worth.

12. Earn Interest on Your Cryptocurrency

If you’re OK with leaving your cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange, you can actually earn a bit of interest on your cryptocurrency.

How much you earn depends on the exchange you use, what kind of cryptocurrency you’re earning interest on, how much of that cryptocurrency you have on the exchange, and in some cases how many of the exchange’s native token you own.

I personally use Voyager and Celsius the most, but I also have some coins at BlockFi and Gemini as well to spread the risk around just in case one of the exchanges gets hacked.

The table below shows the current interest rates on the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), as well as the exchange’s interest rates on stablecoins, which are cryptocurrencies whose values are pegged to the value of the United States dollar.

It is extremely important to note that unlike a traditional bank account, interest-earning cryptocurrency accounts are not FDIC-insured and if the exchange gets hacked, you could experience a total loss.

I am personally comfortable with this risk for a portion of my portfolio, but I just want you to be aware of what you’re getting into.

And this is true for both non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies you earn interest on (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) as well as stablecoin cryptocurrencies.

Also keep in mind that the SEC is currently seeking to regulate stablecoins, so these high interest rates may not last.

Related: The 5 Best Crypto Interest Accounts and How They Compare

13. Stake Your Cryptocurrency

Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake

Much of Bitcoin’s success today is attributable to the financial rewards offered to those — that is, the Bitcoin miners — who help validate transactions on the blockchain, which is basically a publicly-available list of records of all the transactions that occurred on the Bitcoin network.

Why is this independent validation important?  It is important because with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is no centralized authority to verify the validity of a transaction.

Now, if I send you a dollar electronically, like via ACH or something, my bank deducts a dollar from my bank account and your bank adds a dollar to your bank account.

But if I send you a Bitcoin, there’s no centralized authority to deduct a Bitcoin from my wallet — obviously many of us have our cryptocurrencies at least in part on centralized exchanges, but if we were just talking about hardware wallet to hardware wallet, there’s no centralized authority there — so how would you know the Bitcoin that I’m “sending” you I didn’t already send to someone else?

This is the double-spend problem that the blockchain addresses.

Proof-of-Work Protocol

So how can transactions be validated and verified on a blockchain to ensure that individuals are not double spending their cryptocurrency?

Well, in the words of the original Bitcoin whitepaper written by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto:

“We need a way for the payee to know that the previous owners did not sign any earlier transactions.  For our purposes, the earliest transaction is the one that counts, so we don’t care about later attempts to double spend.  The only way to confirm the absence of a transaction is to be aware of all transactions.  In the mint-based model, the mint was aware of all transactions and decided which arrived first.  To accomplish this without a trusted party, transactions must be publicly announced, and we need a system for participants to agree on a single history of the order in which [the transactions] were received.  The payee needs proof that at the time of each transaction, the majority of nodes agreed it was the first received.”

First, note the phrase “transactions must be publicly announced.”  The entire Bitcoin blockchain is publicly visible for anybody to see.  You can see it, for example, at

Also note the phrase “the majority of nodes.”  This means that in order for a transaction to be validated on the blockchain, there has to be something called consensus for that transaction, and that consensus is accomplished — and this is really oversimplifying things — by a lot of computers essentially trying to guess a random number.

Guessing these random numbers takes a good deal of computational power i.e. work, so this method of validating transactions on the blockchain is called proof-of-work.  And the computers who engage in this process are called miners, and these miners are rewarded in Bitcoin for validating transactions on the blockchain.

And this is why you hear all this noise about the energy that Bitcoin takes for its blockchain to operate.  It comes down to these computers having to do this work to validate transactions.

Proof-of-Stake Protocol

Now, other cryptocurrencies do not use a proof-of-work consensus protocol; others use what’s called a proof-of-stake consensus protocol.  And the idea for this first came up in a forum post by an individual with the username QuantumMechanic.

The beginning of this post says:

“I’m wondering if as Bitcoins become more widely distributed, whether a transition from a proof-of-work-based system to a proof-of-stake one might happen. What I mean by proof of stake is that instead of your “vote” on the accepted transaction history being weighted by the share of computing resources you bring to the network, it’s weighted by the number of bitcoins you can prove you own, using your private keys.”

So instead of all this computing power being consumed by guessing random numbers, like in the proof-of-work protocol, with a proof-of-stake protocol owners of a cryptocurrency lock their cryptocurrency on the blockchain in order to earn the right to validate transactions and they are rewarded for doing so accordingly, similar to how miners on a proof-of-work blockchain are rewarded.

And because often, depending on the blockchain, these validators are randomly chosen, the more cryptocurrency you’ve staked on the blockchain, the greater your chance of being selected to validate transactions and the greater your chance of being rewarded in cryptocurrency.

How to Stake Cryptocurrency

How to stake a given cryptocurrency will depend on that cryptocurrency, but I personally stake Cardano for approximately 5% yield, and I’ve written a guide on how to do so here.

14. Get Reddit Karma

Reddit Karma for Free Cryptocurrency

The r/CryptoCurrency subreddit has its own cryptocurrency called Moon that it awards monthly to subreddit members based on the amount of karma they earned in the subreddit that month.

(Note that Moon is not the same as the very questionable SafeMoon crypto project; Safemoon is a completely different project unrelated to the Moon project.)

If you’d like to learn more about earning Moon as well as the tokenomics of the project, check out this Reddit post.

15. Join the CryptosRUs Giveaway

CryptosRUs Ethereum Giveaway

Crypto YouTuber CryptosRUs is giving away five Ethereum (ETH) on January 1, 2022.

Five lucky contestants will win one Ethereum each.

To get a chance to win, sign up here and complete as many tasks as you can, including:

  • Visiting CryptosRUs on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and Teachable
  • Following CryptosRUs and CRUNewsDesk on Twitter
  • Referring friends to the giveaway

You should be able to pick up at least 15 or so entries simply by doing simple social media follows.

Note that as of the time of writing there are over 700,000 entries, so your chances of winning are relatively small, but who knows?  It might be your lucky day.

16. Play Free Mobile Games to Earn Crypto

Some free mobile games will actually give you cryptocurrency simply for playing them.

That said, the amount of crypto you earn is relatively small compared to NFT-based games, but they can still be a cool way to pass time and earn a little bit of cryptocurrency.

Here are a few examples.

Coin Hunt

Coin Hunt

Coin Hunt is a free mobile game that is basically the crypto version of Pokémon GO.

You download the app and explore the real world searching for various-colored keys, which you then use to open vaults.

When you open a vault, the game asks you a trivia question, and if you answer the question correctly within the time limit, you are rewarded in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

And by “real world,” yes, I mean the real world.  The game has a GPS map of your location and points you in the direction of the nearest key.  You then have to go to that location (again, in the real world) to find the key to open a vault.

I’ve found that most keys are located in busy locations such as malls, plazas, etc.


CryptoPop is a free match-two game for Android by Vweeter Limited that pays you Ethereum (ETH) just for playing.

All you have to do is download the app in the Google Play Store, link your Ethereum wallet, and start playing.

If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet, you can set one up easily at any major cryptocurrency exchange such as the ones we mentioned previously in this article.


CryptoWord is another Android-based release from Vweeter Limited that gives you a little bit of free Ethereum for playing when you link your Ethereum wallet.

You basically just connect adjacent letters to form words.

Warning: CryptoPop and CryptoWord are heavily ad-supported, so be prepared to watch a lot of ads as you play.

17. Join SparkPoint


SparkPoint is a pretty cool cryptocurrency ecosystem that houses projects like:

  • SparkPoint Wallet: This is basically a decentralized exchange — nothing too crazy here.
  • SparkPlay: This is SparkPoint’s gaming platform where players can compete in tournaments with cryptocurrency prizes.  There’s a slicer game (similar to Fruit Ninja), a shooter game, a match-three puzzle game, and a game called Crypto Loco that I haven’t tried out yet.
  • SparkLearn: This is SparkPoint’s e-learnign platform that teaches financial literacy and the basics of blockchain technology.
  • Spark DeFi: This is a defi app that allows for lending and borrowing using SparkPoint’s native tokens, SparkPoint (SRK) and SparkPoint Fuel (SFUEL).

Anyway, you can earn SRK cryptocurrency through the SparkPoint platform through the games I mentioned above as well as through its referral program.

18. Participate in Airdrops

Warning: Many airdrops are a scam.  Be very wary of an airdrop that requires you to download an application.  If an airdrop website asks for your login credentials or private keys to a cryptocurrency wallet, it is certainly a scam.  Always do your own research before participating in an airdrop.

An airdrop is a cryptocurrency giveaway that developers of a (typically) new cryptocurrency do in order to spread awareness about the new cryptocurrency itself, often as part of an initial coin offering (ICO).

Airdrops are kind of like free samples at Costco — they give you a taste of their latest spread in the hope that you buy it and keep using it.

It’s the same thing with airdrops.  The developers of a new coin are giving you a “sample” hoping that you might buy more of the coin itself and participate in its ecosystem.

Typically, in order to participate in an airdrop, you have to take some action, such as:

  • signing up for the project’s newsletter
  • joining the project’s Discord server or Telegram group
  • following the project’s social media account
  • sharing on social media about the project

It’s important to keep in mind that many airdrops are scams and even airdrops that are not scams may still be a waste of time, leaving you with a cryptocurrency that never takes off and is essentially worthless.

If you’d like to check out the latest crypto airdrops, you can look at sites like  If that site feels overwhelming, you can check out CoinMarketCap’s exclusive airdrop page.

Before I move on to the next way to get free cryptocurrency, I want to say it again: Many airdrops are scams, and you should be doing significant due diligence before participating in one, even if you found it on a website like one of the ones listed above.

19. Get Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Bounties

Initial Coin Offering ICO

Warning: Many initial coin offerings are a scam, and they are not as regulated as initial public offerings for stocks.  According to the SEC, ICOs “bring increased risk of fraud and manipulation.”  Always do your own due diligence before participating in any cryptocurrency project.

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the initial release of a new cryptocurrency.

You simply exchange some of your existing coins for the new coin at a set exchange rate.

An ICO works much like an initial public offering (IPO), but rather than owning stock, you’ll own new digital currency.

One of the draws of purchasing into an ICO is the opportunity to earn bonus coins through programs called bounties.

Bounties are similar to airdrops, but typically the tasks required to participate in a bounty are more challenging than the requirements for an airdrop.

For example, while to qualify for an airdrop, you may just have to retweet a tweet, a cryptocurrency bounty program may involve you completing tasks like:

  • translating marketing material about the ICO into a different language
  • writing a blog post about the ICO
  • making a video about the ICO

As with airdrops, we always advise that you thoroughly research any ICO or bounty program before buying in or participating in it. is a site that supposedly lists out cryptocurrency bounties, but when I signed up recently, I didn’t see much activity.

20. Check Out Crypto Faucets

Cryptocurrency Faucet

Warning: Many cryptocurrency faucet sites are scams.  Be sure to do your research on any site before giving it your cryptocurrency wallet information.

Cryptocurrency faucets are similar to rewards sites like InboxDollars — but rather than cash or gift cards, you are rewarded in cryptocurrency.

Believe it or not, some of these sites used to give visitors as much as five Bitcoin simply for completing a captcha!  Of course, back then, five Bitcoin was not worth much.

Today, faucets don’t pay nearly as well, but the basic idea is the same: In exchange for performing easy tasks on the faucet’s website, you are given free cryptocurrency

Examples of faucet activities include:

  • playing games
  • watching videos
  • clicking on advertisements

That said, since you have to give up your cryptocurrency wallet address in order to receive your cryptocurrency from faucets, they are a breeding ground for crypto scammers.

On the other hand, while the earnings are minimal, faucets are a simple way to get free cryptocurrency without having any upfront investments.

Similar to gift card rewards sites, however, you have to keep an eye on the minimum redemption amount; some cryptocurrency faucets set the minimum crypto redemption amount so high that it would take you a very long time to reach it, which would make the entire faucet a waste of time.


Probably the most popular cryptocurrency faucet today is Cointiply, which pays out in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Dash.

One unique thing about Cointiply is that it allows you to earn interest on the cryptocurrency you earn on the platform once you reach at least 35,000 coins (not literally Bitcoins — “coins” are just the name of the Cointiply in-platform currency).

One annoying thing about Cointiply are its unique captcha puzzles that can take a while to load.  I suppose this kind of goes with the territory, given how prone cryptocurrency faucets are to bot manipulation.

Also, don’t be deceived by the high point values you’ll receive for Cointiply activities — 10,000 points is worth $1 worth of Bitcoin, so each point is literally worth $0.0001.


Another example of a cryptocurrency faucet is Bituro.

And again, the earnings aren’t that great for this cryptocurrency faucet either.

For example, if you take a 1-minute survey in Bituro, you will earn 10 points.  But how much are these 10 points worth?  Well, if you have a Coinbase wallet, once you have 1,000 points, you can redeem your points for $1 worth of Bitcoin.

Based on that, each Bituro coin is worth $0.001, or 1/10 of a penny each.  So 10 points is worth $0.01, or a penny.  I don’t think spending a minute of my time to make a penny is worth it (that would come out to $0.60 per hour), even if it is paid in Bitcoin.

Like I mentioned previously, if you have a Coinbase wallet, you can redeem for a dollar’s worth of Bitcoin once you have 1,000 points.  Otherwise, you can’t redeem until you have earned 50,000 points’ worth (i.e $50) of Bitcoin.

Free Cryptocurrency: Conclusion

At Money Done Right, we want you to succeed in all of your financial endeavors, and we’ve seen cryptocurrency make a positive impact in financial markets.

You don’t need to invest in pricey mining software in order to break into the cryptocurrency market. And with so many free ways to earn cryptocurrency, now is a great time to jump in.

Do you have any experience trading and exchanging cryptocurrency, or do you have any other ways to earn free cryptocurrency without mining? Let us know in the comments below!


Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA, Certified Student Loan Professional, and founder of Money Done Right, which he launched in 2017. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones
7 months ago

There are also now some mobile games that payout in Bitcoin.

I was skeptical, but I Bling Financial has paid me +0.000001 BTC in two transactions.

I have two of thier games, but have only really played the one.

Diamond Hands
Diamond Hands
27 days ago

sMiles App

25 days ago

Thanks for that article. I really appreciate your work. 👍👍👍

But you missed one crypto: Hi Dollars

hi Dollars is currently in beta and you can register by invitation only. Use the following link for that and claim daily rewards:

1 Hi Dollar equals around 0.84 USD at the moment.


12 days ago

Cash App has boosts all the time to earn crypto free when you buy, usually from a restaurant, with your cash app card.

3 days ago

If u have free time and like some retro games i would recommend, my advice is to go for RLT in start so u can build some passive income, in next season (Starts about 7. December) they will add rewards for active players and marketplace.

If you are travelling, truck driving or going for a walk a lot, then i would recommend
U can also use it when you are sitting home but it will not be effective as much, even with home bonus. Buying some premium package recommend for drivers, will payout and make more over it.