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NFT Projects December 2021: What I’m Looking At This Month


These are the NFT projects that I’m participating in or thinking about participating in for December 2021.

If you’re new to NFTs, check out these general reminders that go for all NFT projects:

  • In order to get the latest information about an NFT — such as details of how to actually get the NFT on the mint date — you generally need to join the NFT’s Discord server (which is 100% free and does not obligate you to purchase an NFT).  In this article I give you a link to join the Discord server for each NFT project I mention unless a Discord does not exist.
  • Scams abound in the world of NFTs.  You will likely get direct messages in Discord from scammers trying to pose as the NFT creators or administrations.  Ignore these direct messages.  Most of the time, NFT creators will explicitly stated in their Discord channel that they will never direct message you.  I would even go so far as to suggest you just turn off direct messaging in your Discord by going to Privacy & Safety under Preferences and deselecting “Allow direct messages from server members”.
    Turn off direct messages in Discord
  • In order to purchase an NFT, you will need a wallet for the network the NFT is built on, with VeVe being an exception.  Below I have indicated which network each NFT is built on.  Here are the wallets I use for each network:
  • Also — and forgive me if this is obvious — you will also obviously need to purchase the relevant cryptocurrency on an exchange and send it to your wallet in order to purchase the NFT as well.  Personally, I use Binance to purchase my cryptocurrency and then send it to wherever I want to send it, be it to a wallet to purchase an NFT or to another exchange where I can earn interest on my cryptocurrency.

IMPORTANT: Later this year, Coinbase will be launching its own NFT platform.  This will be HUGE for the NFT space — I truly believe that there will be a second NFT gold rush once Coinbase opens the floodgates of NFTs to the masses, just like it did with Bitcoin back in 2012.  Because Coinbase knows that demand will be extremely high for its NFT platform, it has a WAITLIST for those who want to get in.  You can join the waitlist here and get ahead of the masses.  It doesn’t cost anything to join the waitlist; I’d recommend you do so immediately even if you’re not sure that you are interested.  It really doesn’t hurt.



HAPEBEAST is an ethereum-based project consisting of 8,192 digital apes that will launch later this month.

Learn more about HAPEBEAST in this article.


OverCloudz Roadmap

OverCloudz is an ethereum-based pixel-art project consisting of 7,777 “cloudz” that generate $CLOUD token.

Of these 7,777 cloudz, seven are “legendary”.

Learn more about OverCloudz in this article.

Old Projects

Disney “Golden Moments”

Built On
November 12Unknown
UnknownNo Gas Fees

During the second week of November Disney launched its first-ever NFTs that included iconic brands such as Pixar, Star Wars, and Mickey Mouse.

These pilot Disney NFTs are known as the Golden Moments collection.

This is huge for the NFT space in my opinion!

I’m such a big believer in this project that I bought every one of the 11 NFTs in this set.

Learn more about this project — as well as what I paid for it — in this article.


Built On
3,700 Bears+ Mini-Bears
0.3 ETHOn OpenSea

My friend Michael told me about this Ethereum NFT project.  By design, it’s low-key with not a lot of marketing involved.

The first whitelist competition was kind of a bust because so many people wanted to get in, but the Discord crashed.

Finally, after waiting a couple hours for them to get it working, the whitelist competition happened.

You had to hand draw a bear with their full discord name and !chomp below it and upload this image to the whitelist competition discord channel.  The first 500 people who drew a bear and followed the instructions got a whitelist.

Here is my entry:


And guess what?  I got whitelisted!  I have no idea how because it seemed that my image failed to upload, but I guess it worked.

The whitelist is now closed, and the mint has now happened, but you can still buy BearX NFTs on OpenSea.

(Personally, I bought the maximum of two BearX NFTs on the mint and six subsequently on OpenSea.)

I believe that the BearX NFT project has a lot of potential because:

  • Each BearX NFT generates 10 ROOTx token per day — an actual cryptocurrency that can be traded on Uniswap (can you say passive income?).
  • The community is just plain awesome and loves their bears.
  • BearX just announced a huge partnership with the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance.  This is the first long-term NFT partnership that Binance has entered into!

I mean, love it or hate it, Binance is a massive player in the cryptocurrency space, and I think this partnership bodes well for BearX.

Learn more about the BearX NFT in this article.

The Doge Pound

Built On
10,000 Doges+ Puppies
3.09 ETHOn OpenSea

The Doge Pound is, in my opinion, a blue-chip NFT project with massive potential.

Perhaps its most innovative feature is its launchpad.

Through The Doge Pound launchpad, celebrities and other influencers can launch their own NFT projects.

In return, The Doge Pound community gets early and even whitelist access to these projects.

For example, I was recently able to get whitelisted on the much-anticipated JRNY Crypto NFT project simply because I held a Doge Pound NFT.

There’s a lot more to know about The Doge Pound — learn more in this article.


Built On
November 22Unknown Quantity
0.5 - 1.0 ETH?Plus Gas

Tony A.K.A. JRNY Crypto is a respected crypto YouTuber who is now launching his own NFT.

And this isn’t just an NFT; it’s a ticket to an ecosystem that gives owners access to:

  • Future JRNY NFT sets
  • Private community chats and announcements
  • Exclusive NFT videos
  • Early access to partner NFT projects

And this list is by no means exhaustive.

The JRNY NFT economy is going to be massive, and I haven’t been more excited about any one NFT project in quite some time — learn more about it here.

Bounty Hunter Space Guild

Built On
5555 Hunters11/20/21
1-3 SOLPlus Gas Fees

Oh man, I am very excited about this Solana NFT that will launch on November 20, 2021.

The team has created a lot of buzz surrounding the project with a cool Star Wars-inspired lore, a well-developed road map (you can read more about it in the project’s Discord), and pretty sick art.

Bounty Hunter Space Guild

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies.

And the best thing?  Bounty Hunter Space Guild gives away free NFTs from time to time through in-Discord games.

This is pretty significant for a project with a mint price of one to three Solana, which comes out to $200 – $600.

NFTs Unlocked is the exclusive NFT community and training program I'm a member of.

I've found some of my most profitable NFT opportunities through this membership!

And for a limited time, you can immediately get a $200 discount off your membership with my promo code MDRNFT.

I'll see you inside!

5/5 Rating

Solana Slugs

Built On
10,000 Slugs10/23/21
FreeOnly Pay Gas Fee

I heard about this no-whitelist Solana NFT project from the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel.  It was supposedly a free mint, but then things got sketchy fast.

Solana NFT Free Mint

Ten minutes before the mint time, Solana Slugs dropped a link on their Twitter to the Solana Slugs mint site.

OK, fine.  So I go to the site and connect my Solana burn wallet in Phantom.

At the mint time, I click “MINT”, and I get an error that the “mint failed”.  I tried again — same thing, “mint failed”.

Then I see that Solana Slugs has posted on their Twitter to send 0.2 SOL to a certain address to confirm you’re not a bot.

At that point, the whole thing felt a bit too sketchy for me.  I didn’t send any SOL to that address and guess I won’t be participating in this NFT project.


Built On
10,000 Ghosts10/29/21
25 ADAPlus Gas Fees

I heard about this Cardano NFT project from the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel.

This NFT has 10,000 ghosts with various traits based on Halloween characters such as cats, devils, mummies, and witches.

Flashing rainbow is ultra rare — only 19 Booberts will have a flashing rainbow — and only 10 Booberts will have a “complete matching trait set,” which I take to mean that there will only be one Boobert with all the traits of a cat, one Boobert with all the traits of a devil, etc.

There is no whitelist — I’m not sure theCategoriesy even need one with this many Booberts being minted — but there is an invite contest with the following prizes:

  • Invite Contest 1st Place: Free Boobert NFT + 50 ADA
  • Invite Contest 2nd Place: Free Boobert NFT + 30 ADA
  • Invite Contest 3rd Place: Free Boobert NFT + 20 ADA
  • Invite Contest 4th – 10th Place: Free Boobert NFT

So if you’d like to help me out with the invite contest and join the Boobert discord where you can get all the information you need about the mint, use my invite link here.

McDonald’s McRib NFT

Well, McDonald’s — like many brands — is getting into the NFT space.

And unlike most NFTs, this one is completely free — and also gives you a McRib NFT.

In order to win, you simply need to retweet the from your personal Twitter account by midnight Eastern Time on November 7.

You will need an Ethereum wallet to accept the NFT if you win.  No purchase of Ethereum is necessary, so you might as well give the tweet above a nice retweet to enter this sweepstakes.


Built On
Whitelist Mint
3,200 Trees11/12/21
0.07 ETHPlus Gas Fees

I heard about this Ethereum NFT project from the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel.

You get CyberTrees whitelist access by being one of the first 3,000 users to invite at least 10 people — so use my invite link *hint hint* — and the top 10 users with the most invites will earn access to the ability to mint 10 CyberTrees

The Cardanival

Built On
UnknownPlus Gas Fees

I heard about this Cardano NFT project from the BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel.

The theme here is “carnival wonders.”

They recently posted that their develop has encountered some technical problems but is back on track now.  Although that’s a little bit concerning, I appreciate their honesty.

The Cardanival does not yet have a minting timeline, so stay tuned to their Discord for more information.


Logan Allec, CPA

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