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Updated February 15, 2021

Cheap Valentine’s Gifts

Saving Money

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Are you looking for ideas of cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her? Judging by statistics, “cheap” is not exactly what most Americans have in mind this year.

A look at the stats will help you understand why.

2019 Stats – The Best Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her This Year Cost over $230

  • Approximately 135 million Americans will be offering Valentine’s Day gifts this year
  • Their spending should reach $30 million
  • 62% of men and 45% of women will be spending Valentine money
  • Husbands will be spending on average $357.96 for their wives
  • Wives will be spending around $206.23 for their husbands
  • Boyfriends will be spending ~$231.55
  • Girlfriends will be spending ~$105.02

Judging by these numbers, the simple fact that you’re considering cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her could be interpreted as a sign that you don’t love her enough.

The fact that she spends quite some time on the social networks, where her best friends will be bragging with the gifts they got doesn’t help either. You want her happy and grateful, ready to reward you in ways you can only imagine, not disappointed or content.

Good to Know: How do you feel the gap between what she wants, expects, and deserves, and what you can afford? I have the solution, and I’ll present it to you in the following lines as an easy four-step plan. With a few small adjustments, you should be able to apply it on any occasion, not just on Valentine’s Day. Just remember that the sooner you put this plan into practice, the more money you will be able to save and the more impressed she will be.

Pro Tip: It is almost impossible to save money and stay within budget when you’re an impulse buyer. If that’s your case, check out our guide on how to stop impulse buying and save money here!

How to Get Extraordinary but Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Here are the four steps to finding the best cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

1. Start Saving Valentine Money as Soon as Possible

If you start early and follow my lead, you can save a small fortune. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make the most of your credit card perks. You can find a list of hidden credit card perks in this article. Make the most of it when you get her a gift.
  • Use Uber instead of taxi companies. Did you know that there is a way to save $1 on every ride?
  • Renegotiate your bills. Sometimes, you can save considerable amounts by using a renegotiating service.
  • Use price comparison tools. Here is a list of 13 price comparison tools that can help you save serious money!
  • Shop through cashback websites and earn back up to 20% or more. We have a comprehensive list to help you decide.
  • Scan your receipts and get cashback on your groceries and local stores shopping.
  • Use coupons and discount codes. Did you know that you can save up to 50% when shopping at your favorite retailers?
  • Use apps that reward you for doing fun stuff. Long Game lets you earn money while playing slots, HealthyWage rewards you for losing weight, Sweatcoin pays you for walking, and Shopkick. rewards store visits, video views, and more.

The list could continue. You can buy items in bulk, get freebies, reduce waste, get gas rewards, pay less on car insurance, and more.

2. Decide on the Best Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

If you start saving money early enough and you do your best, you may not need to look into cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her after all. However, just in case things don’t go out the way you expect them to, you should have some cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her in mind. Since I know your goal is to sweep her off her feet and reap some reward yourself, it has to be something really special, something she will treasure and be proud to post about on social media.

Here are a few ideas:

A Gold-Dipped Rose

You can get it at the price of a rose bouquet from Amazon, and she can keep it on her nightstand, in the living room, or on her desk and treasure it forever. You’ll find platinum-dipped varieties as well, various shapes and colors, etc.

I recommend keeping things as cheap and as close to natural as possible. If you have more money, you can invest the rest in one of the other cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her presented below.

What if you could get her the rose without actually paying for it? Discover four ways to earn free Amazon gift cards.

Personalized Jewelry

I don’t know if you should get her a ring, earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. That is for you to decide based on her likes and dislikes, the jewelry she already wears, and any details you may convince her to share. What I do know for sure is that all women love jewelry. While diamonds, platinum, and rare gold are great options if you can afford them, there are ways to make her happy and spend less.

Consider jewelry made of silver and adorned with Swarovski crystals or birthstones. Obviously, since it’s Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped stones or symbols will work like a charm. If you’re thinking of a necklace or bracelet, you may be able to find one with her initial or, even better, first name.

To make your gift even more personal and precious, you should engrave it. You can use her name, the day the two of you met or started your relationship, or a simple but thoughtful love statement. To find the best offers and recover up to 40% of the price of the jewelry, you should create an account with Rakuten (formerly Ebates) and start your shopping sessions from there.


Her beauty was one of the things that made you fall in love in the first place, and I’m willing to bet she uses quite a few cosmetic products to maintain her looks. You can get her one or two products, buy a custom gift set, or put together a thoughtful and great-looking gift basket without spending too much. If you don’t like some of the products she uses, this could be an opportunity to convince her to try a new fragrance, lipstick color, eye shadow, or something else you like.

To decide what cosmetic products to get her, the first step is to study the products she already has and her preferences. Then, I suggest enrolling yourself as a sales representative with a beauty company like Avon to benefit from discounts of up to 40-50% and receive free gifts. This is an especially good idea if you have more friends in the same situation or willing to buy cosmetics and other products from you.


Has she expressed an interest in learning a new skill, trying experiences like skydiving or rafting, or visiting unique places? Perhaps you’d like to offer her a day at the spa, a massage session, or tickets to a concert of her favorite artist.

You cannot go wrong with experience gifts. And if they usually tend to get quite expensive, there are ways to offer your loved one impressive experiences without breaking the bank.

For ideas, check out Cloud 9 Living. They offer unique gift experiences at incredible prices, and you get $10 off your acquisition when you create your account.

Gourmet Gifts

The saying that “love goes through the stomach” holds true even today, and you should trust it even when your loved one is on a diet. Just because she’s trying to lose weight or she has food intolerance it doesn’t mean she can’t eat. It just means you’ll need to choose your gourmet gifts more carefully.

You can still take her to her favorite restaurant, or, better yet, order a heart-shaped box of Godiva chocolates, a snack box from Try the World, or a gift basket from Wisconsin Made or David’s Cookies. If you don’t know what to choose or you’d like an affordable gift that combines a wider variety of products, Amazon, Walmart, and Target always carry worthwhile alternatives.

Now that you have a few ideas of extraordinary yet cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her, let’s take our plan to the next step:

3. Wrap Your Gift in an Unforgettable Way

If you really want to sweep her off her feet this year on Valentine’s Day, you cannot stop at just buying her a gift. The circumstances in which you offer her the gift matter as well.

You have to create a unique, unforgettable moment. To do that, you need to find the right place and the right time. While these are all subjective, depending on the stage of your relationship, your history together, future plans, and personal preferences, the following tips should help:

1. Give Her the Gift at the End of the Day

You’d think it helps to have her start the day with a gift but I disagree. She surely has a lot of things planned that day, a lot of people to see and talk to, so chances are she’ll forget all about your gift in minutes or hours at most.

Instead, I suggest giving her the gift in the evening. The night wraps everything in mystery and charm, thus increasing your chances of sending her to bed with a huge smile on her lips and have her dream of you all night long.

The best case scenario is that she’ll be so excited and grateful that she won’t want to go to bed without you, or, at least, without somehow rewarding you for your efforts.

If waiting until the evening of February 14th seems too much, you can always exchange gifts the night before. The bottom line is that you should aim for dim lights and privacy, and evenings tend to offer that and more.

2. Take Her to a Nice Restaurant, a Picnic, or Cook for Her

I don’t like resuming Valentine’s Day to a mere gifts exchange. I prefer to use the gift to spice up a romantic dinner. Of course, you don’t have to take her to the most expensive restaurant in town. After all, we were looking into cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her, and you haven’t won the lottery in the meantime.

If you have a place of your own, you can cook her a delightful candlelight dinner. If that’s not an option, take her to a picnic on the beach or set up the table on the roof. Some candle lights, a compilation of her favorite love songs and some fine wine, and you’ll feel like you’re getting a great gift yourself.

3. Consider a Romantic Trip or a One-Night Getaway

I know, your budget is tight, and trips are not exactly easy to afford. However, you should not give up the idea without trying. We already have recommendations for family vacations and trips on a budget on our website. If these are not enough to help you include trips on your list of cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her, I have two more suggestions:

  • Book a hotel room – This idea works especially well if you travel for work and participate in hotel rewards programs since you should already have credits for a free stay.
  • Rent a room through Airbnb – It’s cheaper and you can find beautiful and comfortable options close to you.

4. Make Your Gift Personal and Meaningful

Sometimes, what you get her matters less than how you give it to her. Perhaps you couldn’t take her on a trip of on a one-night getaway.

Maybe even the romantic dinner recommended above was out of reach for you. Don’t despair, as you can still make your gift count by following one or more of the following tips:

  • Offer it to her in the place where you first met or fell in love
  • Wrap it in paper with photos of the two of you together printed on it
  • Place it in a handmade box, pouch, or case
  • Accompany it with a personalized Valentine’s Day card
  • Write her a short but meaningful love statement
  • Ask her to marry you

Of course, you should only use this last tip if you feel that she’s the one and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Your proposal will be the best gift, and you can set a distant date, to allow you to save money and offer her the wedding of her dreams.

5. Make Sure You’ll Never Again Have to Settle for Cheap Gifts for Her

Now you know how difficult it is to find cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her when you want to sweep her off her feet and offer her some unforgettable experiences. Luckily, you found a way out of trouble on this occasion but there is no telling if your efforts will be as successful next time. That is why I suggest you learn from your mistakes and continue to follow the money-saving tips provided at the beginning of this post.

If you’re worried that you cannot save enough money for everything you’d like to get her I know some incredible ways to help you earn more money.

The Bottom Line about Buying Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

In the end, the best cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her are not the ones you pay the least for, but the ones that express the most love and help you both enjoy rewarding experiences. They require saving money, shopping wisely, and adding some thought and passion. I’ve already explained everything above and I know my methods work because I’ve used them myself (I hope my wife won’t read this). These being said, I hope you’ll enjoy some incredible moments with the woman you love and I wish you the best of luck saving and making money, so that you may never again look into cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her!

It’s Valentine’s Day and you want to show the love and appreciation for a special someone in the best possible way.

Buying the right gift can make him incredibly happy but budget considerations often stand in the way of going wild.

The average spending on Valentine’s Day gifts reached 143.56 dollars in 2018. There’s a notable increase from an average of 136.57 dollars in 2017.

Over the course of the love holiday, Americans spent a total of 19.6 billion dollars in 2018!

This was the second highest sum registered in the last 15 years.

Not being capable of affording such gift expenditure could make you feel guilty and down. You shouldn’t feel dispirited!

There are dozens of Valentine gifts for him that will not break the bank. At the same time, such presents will stand as evidence of your love and appreciation.

Knowing what he likes, doing a bit of research, and pinpointing an option that’s personalized and cost-efficient will give you the best Valentine’s Day celebration ever.

If you’re looking for cheap Valentine gifts for him, here’s a list of several amazing ideas you can afford this year.

1. A Board Game for Couples

What could be better than an interactive, sexy gift?

Some of the best Valentine gifts for him divert from the traditional options for the holiday.

Many board games for adults are available in the price range between 10 and 20 dollars.

The best aspect of this gift is that you’re giving him an experience rather than an item – an experience that he can share with you.

Whether you opt for a sexy game or something that’s clean and that both of you will enjoy is entirely up to you.

Board games can be acquired both online and in brick and mortar stores.

Explore the possibilities to avoid the risk of impulse buying. Even if you haven’t been together for a very long period of time, you’ll still have some idea about what he enjoys.

There are additional opportunities for saving money on your purchases.

One of the best options out there is Rakuten (formerly Ebates).

Rakuten enables you to get up to 40 percent cash back at more than 2,500 stores ranging from Amazon to Macy’s and Walmart.

2. Cosmetics, Bath and Relaxation Products

Cosmetics aren’t the ideal affordable Valentine’s day gift choice for ladies only.

Guys also like to pamper themselves, which creates ideal opportunities for the selection of the best cheap Valentine’s day gifts for him.

A beautiful shaving kit is an ideal choice.

The same applies to cologne, eau de toilette, and natural body soap.

To get quality products at an affordable price, consider some additional possibilities (that will also help you make money in the long run).

Becoming an Avon representative is one such opportunity.

Avon representatives earn up to 40 percent on all sales and they have access to a huge catalog of quality products for men and women.

3. A Gift You Made

All that you have to do is go to the craft store and acquire a few basic supplies.

Create a framed poster that features 10 reasons why you love him.

If you have some experience with image editing, put together a collage of some of your best pictures and print the final outcome in a large format.

Put together a Spotify playlist of his favorite songs.

Making a gift on your own can actually cost you zero dollars but the value of such a present will exceed anything you can find in a store.

Use your creativity and your knowledge of his preferences to make something meaningful.

In fact, you can agree to exchange homemade gifts this Valentine’s Day. You will save money and have a lot of fun at the same time.

4. Gaming Accessories

Many boys love their computer games and this is a great theme for Valentine gifts for him.

While a video game can be costly, you can get him some accessory that will enhance the experience.

Earphones with a headphone are a must-have for every gamer.

A quality pick like the Sades R3 Gaming Headset for Xbox isn’t going to cost you more than 20 dollars.

If you want to save money on computer and gaming accessories, consider an option like Shopkick.

Shopkick allows you to earn reward points for your purchases and these are eventually turned into gift cards.

5. Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Men who like spending time in nature or practicing outdoor sports will need a wide range of accessories.

Luckily, you have many products to choose among and some of these are pretty affordable.

A compass is a perfect choice for those who like camping and hiking.

A survivor emergency kit will also appeal to the outdoor enthusiast.

Other great, affordable choices include a camping hammock (can be bought for under 20 dollars), a camping cookware set (available for under 10 dollars) or a camping water purification set (available for under 20 dollars).

6. A Nice Wallet for His Money

A new wallet is always needed and you can choose a personalized design that will make the gift even more meaningful.

Turn Valentine money issues around by giving him a beautiful option for the keeping of his banknotes and coins.

Men’s wallets can be very expensive if they’re made of premium leather but more affordable options do exist.

A carbon fiber credit card wallet looks sleek and sophisticated while it costs less than 20 dollars.

Faux leather wallets are good for the environment and some great choices can be acquired for 15 dollars or less.

By choosing the right brand, and the right store, you will get to save some additional money on the purchase.

The Drop app makes shopping more rewarding by giving you reward points for each purchase.

Drop partners with some of the best retailers out there, giving buyers a wide range of choices.

7. A Barbeque Grilling Set

Making the perfect barbeque isn’t just food preparation.

For many food lovers, this is a wonderful ritual that is as enjoyable as eating a juicy burger once the meat is cooked.

If you love a BBQ lover, give him the right set of accessories.

A beautiful barbeque set in a box or a case will typically cost less than 40 dollars.

You’ll find some even more affordable options out there.

Joining an opportunity like Ibotta will save you some on the purchase.

Ibotta is a cash back program that has a partner network exceeding 500,000 locations.

The supported retailers include convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and home improvement shops across the US.

8. A Personalized Mug

Give your boyfriend or husband something special he can enjoy his morning coffee in.

Personalized mugs will never go out of fashion because they’re a lot of fun.

Mugs rank among the best Valentine gifts for him because the market features dozens of designs and messages.

Even if you can’t find a mug that features the right text or image, you can order a personalized cup.

Online services abound and personalizing a mug is very affordable.

If you want to take the gift to the next level, opt for a heat-sensitive mug that changes in color or design when it gets filled with a hot beverage.

9. A Ticket Stub Organizer

Are you looking for Valentine gifts for him if your guy is a sports fan?

If he adores all kinds of athletic activities, get him a ticket stub organizer.

A ticket stub organizer gives him a chance to preserve the tickets to all of the wonderful competitions he has attended.

This gift is also a good choice for men who enjoy going to concerts.

Ticket stub organizers cost approximately 10 to 15 dollars. They enable guys to preserve and remember fond experiences.

While the item itself isn’t that special, it stands for a lot more.

If you want to make the gift even more fun, put a ticket to an upcoming event inside the organizer.

10. Computer Accessories

Whether he works on a computer, uses it to practice a hobby or communicate, peripherals are required to optimize the experience.

Cheap Valentines day gifts for him can come in the form of a brand-new mouse, a keyboard, a computer camera or speakers.

To discover the best deals on computer accessories, you may want to consider joining Rakuten today.

Rakuten allows you to get cash back on the purchases you’ve made online.

11. A Book

Books hold meaningful messages that can be used to inspire, entertain, and show your appreciation for a person.

If you’re looking for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for him, this is the category to look into.

The Love Activity Book is a cute choice that gives you wonderful ideas for spending quality time with your partner.

A similar choice comes in the form of Happiness Is… 500 Ways to Show I Love You.

You can easily go beyond love-themed books.

What’s the genre he’s drawn to? Adventure? Crime? Fantasy?

Get him a hard-copy of a favorite book.

Explore the different editions to find a beautifully-designed one that adds value to the quality of the text.

12. Plan a Special Movie Night for Him

Film lovers enjoy the cinema experience because of the special emotions and ambiance it brings.

Getting movie tickets and taking him to the cinema on Valentine’s Day is very romantic and it can be extra-meaningful if you have such a couple’s tradition already.

Just make sure that the nearby cinema is showing a film that will appeal to him or an all-time favorite.

You don’t need to worry about the cost of this experience. There are many ways to get cheap movie tickets for the two of you.

On occasion, you may even be capable of finding free local screenings – just take some time to explore the possibilities.

An Ibotta registration will also make it possible for you to save some money and receive cash back on cinema tickets.

13. A His and Hers Gift Set

Some may say that such gift sets are cheesy but there’s something really sweet and romantic in a his and hers product set.

The obvious one is a towel set but you’ll find a whole range of other options out there.

His and hers mugs, glasses, bath robes, pillowcases, and even electronics organization docks are available in the form of his and hers presents.

Most of these products are very affordable and you’ll need just a little cash to make the Valentine’s Day celebration extra-special.

To stay away from the mass-produced options out there, you can go on Etsy.

Various artists there make their own version of the his and hers product available there. Chances are that the products you’ll find on Etsy will be quite distinctive.

14. A Keepsake Jar for Messages

What could be more special than leaving each other special notes for the rest of the year?

When coming up with Valentine gifts for him, prioritize experiences over objects.

A keepsake jar for messages enables you to create one such experience and it’s going to cost you just a few bucks.

You can easily buy a simple large jar and decorate it yourself.

When you do, fill the jar with love notes or cute messages for the rest of the year. Instruct him to pick one message out of the jar every single day.

This is a creative way to tell your partner how much you love him.

Through the multiple messages, you will continue demonstrating your appreciation for the rest of the year.

15. ‘What I Love About You’ Cards

The list of Valentine gifts for him ideas will come to an end with the set of “what I love about you” cards.

You can easily make a card set on your own.

Those who don’t trust their skills enough can buy such a product online and personalize it.

The Best Valentine Gifts for Him Aren’t about the Money

The best cheap Valentines day gifts for him will warm the heart of that special person if you put some thought and creativity in the process.

You don’t need a large budget to organize a special celebration.

Cooking him a very special candlelit dinner at home is going to be much more special than getting him a generic gift from the store.

There are many ways to save money on food and groceries. Even when you do, the meal you prepare on Valentine’s day will make him feel happy and appreciated.

If you have the time to craft a present on your own, opt for that approach.

Handmade gifts are incredibly special, even if the come with flaws.

In case you don’t feel confident about making something with your own two hands, look for a gift that’s based on his preferences.

Personalization is the key to giving him joy. He will know that you listen and you appreciate the activities that he enjoys.

The idea is the one that matters but attempting to save or generate some money will ultimately put you in a better position.

If you start planning now and preparing right now, you’ll have additional resources at your disposal for the coming Valentine’s Day.

Have an amazing celebration with that special someone in your life.

What have you done to impress your partner? We’d love to learn from your experience!

Don’t hesitate to share your own ideas for Valentine gifts for him in the comments below.

Logan Allec, CPA

Logan is a practicing CPA, Certified Student Loan Professional, and founder of Money Done Right, which he launched in 2017. After spending nearly a decade in the corporate world helping big businesses save money, he launched his blog with the goal of helping everyday Americans earn, save, and invest more money. Learn more about Logan.

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