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Updated January 07, 2024

Ideal Tax Solution Review 2024: A Tax Attorney’s Honest Take

Tax Relief
  • ideal tax solution
    Ideal Tax Solution
    • Basics: Founded in 2010, Ideal Tax Solution provides IRS/state tax debt resolution services to individuals and businesses alike.
    • Pros: The company requires a minimum debt of $7,500 to work with you, which is relatively lower than its competitors
    • Cons: Several reviewers complained about the company’s client service and failure to do anything for their case. Many former clients also claimed that the company used misleading and fear-based marketing tactics to get them to sign up for its services.
    Honesty 2/10
    Responsiveness 2/10
    Price 5/10
    Accessibility 9/10
    Guarantee 3/10
    Transparency 2/10

      $7,500 (based on third-party sites)


      48 U.S. states (does not specify the 2 excluded states)


      $495 (based on third party sites and customer reviews)



On its website, Ideal Tax Solution claims it is “tax relief made easy” and has many “inroads with the IRS to help you out of tax problems.”

Ideal Tax is saying the right things, but do the company’s results actually back up its sales pitch? After all, there are a lot of bad tax relief companies out there who over-promise what they can do for your tax debts without actually delivering on the promised relief.

To find out whether Ideal Tax is the real deal, I decided to take a dive into its services and client reviews. Below are my findings.

Our Pick For Best Tax Relief Company
  • BBB Accredited: A+ Rating With 5/5 Rating
  • Guarantee: 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee
  • Reasonable Fees: Lower than Industry Averages
  • CPAs and Former IRS Officers: Decades of Combined Experience

How Does Ideal Tax Solution Work?

The company provides a simple four-step process on its website for resolving your tax debts:

how ideal tax solution work

As depicted above, the company’s process can be broken down into the free consultation, instant protection, investigatory, and resolution steps.

Free Consultation

To retain the company’’s services, you must first submit a request for a free consultation with a “tax expert” that will supposedly obtain the details of your case and lay out your options. Based on the client reviews, however, these so-called tax experts are really salespeople trying to get you to sign up for Ideal Tax’s services.

For example, one client claimed that Ideal Tax representatives needed to speak with her urgently because a tax relief program she was interested in was expiring. After the client continually pressed her on the specific end date, the representatives admitted that there was no end date and that it was all a marketing tactic.

feedback ideal tax solution

I have no way of knowing whether the client’s claims are accurate. But if her claims are true, this client’s experience highlights the lengths Ideal Tax will go to retain you as a client — a very ominous sign for the quality of services the company will actually deliver once you sign up.

Instant Protection

If you retain the company’s services, the next step in the process is the “Instant Protection” phase.

During this stage, Ideal Tax boldly claims that it provides clients with “instant protection” by filing a “stay of enforcement” to prevent the IRS from seizing your assets.

Ideal Tax is not wrong in saying that there is a process where clients with tax debt can temporarily suspend IRS collection activities. This form of tax relief is known as Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status.

However, obtaining this relief is neither “instant” or “automatic,” as the IRS has to determine that you cannot pay the tax debt due to financial hardship. Ideal Tax also glosses over some drawbacks to the CNC, including that interest/penalties continue to accrue, ongoing IRS review of your ability to pay, and required disclosure to the agency of your financial condition in order to qualify for such relief.

Given the above, Ideal Tax’s claims of instant protection are quite misleading, which suggests that the company may be more interested in marketing its services and getting clients to sign up rather than actually delivering on tax relief.


The company promises to “look at all angles” and “save you as much money as possible” during the investigation phase. What struck me as concerning here is Ideal Tax’s claim that “[i]t’s about what we know and who we know that can get you a favorable settlement.”

The company is insinuating that its connections within the IRS will lead to a better result for clients when the reality is that clients must meet a prescribed set of requirements to qualify for tax relief programs such as offer in compromise or currently not collectible status. This may give clients who have never been through the process the false impression that connections rather than the factual details of their case will dictate the outcome of their case.


During this stage, the company will supposedly execute on the course of action it developed in the Investigation phase above. However, the company’s reviews paint a different picture. For instance, in one review, one client complained that, after going on a debt payment plan at Ideal Tax’s direction, the company “sat on my case,” which resulted in the IRS freezing his accounts. When the client called the IRS to inquire into why his accounts were being frozen, the agency indicated that Ideal Tax never returned its calls.

ideal tax solution resolution

I have no way of verifying whether this client’s claims are accurate. However, if true, the review signifies that the company is more focused on investing in aggressive marketing tactics rather than actually delivering quality client services and representation before the IRS.

How to Qualify for Ideal Tax Solution

If you want to retain Ideal Tax’’s services, you must first request a free consultation with a so-called tax expert.

Ideal Tax Solution does not disclose the minimum tax debt for the company to work with you, although third-party sites indicate the threshold is $7,500, which is relatively lower than the threshold amount of $10,000 I frequently see from other competitors.

Apart from this minimum debt threshold, the company does not appear to have any other specific requirements.

Ideal Tax Solution At a Glance

Free ConsultationYes
ServicesTax Resolution Services
Amending Returns/Back Tax Filings
Fees$2,700 - $5,000
Minimum Debt Required$7,500
Refund PolicyWithin 48 Hours of Signing Contract
Dedicated Case ManagerYes
Speed of ServiceNot Disclosed
Location Availability48 U.S. States (the 2 excluded states not disclosed)
Phone Number(714) 751-5200

Services Offered

Ideal Tax Solution provides similar services as other tax relief companies, including:

The company also offers limited tax tax compliance services in the form of back tax filings and amending returns.

Ideal Tax Solution Cost

The company does not disclose its fees on its website. Based solely on customer reviews on BBB and TrustPilot, the fees are as follows:

Investigation Fee$495
Resolution Fee$2,700 to $5,000

Investigation Fee

Ideal Tax appears to charge a $495 investigation fee to evaluate your case and determine the best option to resolve your tax debts.

Resolution Fee

Based solely on customer reviews, the fees can range from $2,700 to $5,000, which is in line with other tax relief firms. That said, the fees can be higher depending on the complexity of the case.

How Much Could You Save With Ideal Tax Solution?

The amount you can save with Ideal Tax depends on your specific tax case.

To be sure, the company has a number of client testimonials on its website claiming that Ideal Tax meaningfully reduced their tax debts with the IRS and/or state tax agency.

That said, several reviewers complained that Ideal Tax was noncommunicative during the process and/or failed to even make an effort to advance their case.

Ultimately, most of the clients in these reviews ended up in the same or worse position than they were before they reached out to the company.

Ideal Tax Solution Pros and Cons



  • Low Minimum Tax Threshold: The minimum tax threshold to retain Ideal Tax is $7,500, which is comparatively lower than the company’s competitors.



  • Poor client service: Several customers complained that the company repeatedly ignored and/or mishandled their case.
  • Quality of services: Based on several reviews, Ideal Tax failed to take even the smallest actions to advance their case.
  • Aggressive marketing tactics: In a few reviews, clients claimed that the company made misleading representations and/or used fear-based marketing tactics to try to get clients to sign up for their services.

Is Ideal Tax Solution Legit?

Guarantee Disclaimer (If Applicable)

Based on the company website, Ideal Tax provides a refund within 48 hours of the signing of the contract.

I could not find any reviews mentioning whether or not Ideal Tax Solution honored or dishonored a refund request made within 48 hours of signing up.

Ideal Tax Solution Complaints and Customer Reviews

Ideal Tax Solution does have a BBB rating of 4.09/5.00, but the company also has several negative reviews and over 85 complaints filed with the BBB over the last 3 years. Below is a representative sample of the negative BBB reviews:

ReviewerIssueMy Take (Assuming Reviewer’s Claims are True)
Stephanie C.
Stephanie reached out to Ideal Tax to help resolve her tax debts with the IRS.
During the process, she claimed that the company’s representatives “hang up on you when you ask too many questions” and “don’t let you say your piece or try to assure you.”
Ultimately, Stephanie claimed she retained a CPA who did more for her case in a month than the company did in over a year.
Stephanie’s claims, if true, are concerning.
For most individuals, navigating the tax debt process with the IRS (and/or state tax agency) is typically a stressful and confusing process. Therefore, it is important to have a competent and compassionate tax advisor by your side.

Stephanie’s experience is a far cry from this. Based on her review, the company not only provided poor client service, but also did not appear to make much of an effort to advance her case with the IRS.
Aden M.
Aden retained Ideal Tax’s services to help him resolve his tax debts with the IRS.
Although Aden paid nearly $4,500 in fees, he claimed his case cycled through multiple agents and that he received continual requests to resend documents that he had previously forwarded over to the company.
Despite these efforts, the company ultimately suspended his case for failure to produce required documents. Left with no choice, Aden again forwarded the documents and an additional $295 to advance the case, but heard nothing back about his case. In the interim, Aden was forced to hire a local tax attorney to stave off a lien on his assets.
Ultimately, Aden demanded a refund, but the representative assigned to his case insinuated it was his fault and provided him with a generic customer service email to send over his complaints.
Aden’s experience, if true, is quite unsettling.
Despite paying a substantial amount in fees, Aden’s case was repeatedly ignored by multiple representatives.
On the rare occasion the company did touch his case, representatives provided poor client service by continually requesting documents that he had already provided. There is no better example of this than the fact that he had to hire a local tax attorney to handle his lien, something that should be within the company’s scope of services.
Aden’s review, if accurate, goes to the heart of what’s wrong with some tax relief companies. That is, the company is more invested in getting clients to sign up rather than actually delivering quality services to resolve their tax debts with the IRS.
Karen H.
Karen claims she paid over $3,000 to Ideal Tax to handle her IRS tax debts.
According to her, she spoke to a company representative, who assured her that all she had to do was let the company file her 2015 and 2016 returns to set up a payment plan and stop the IRS from garnishing her social security payments.
However, when she had questions on the 2015 and 2016 returns filed by the company, an Ideal Tax representative told her that her case was suspended due to her alleged failure to fill out certain tax preparation forms.
Ultimately, Karen believes the company intimidated her to pay over $3,000 without actually doing anything for her case.
Karen’s experience, if true, is another example of the company’s poor client service and failure to actually the deliver the quality representation these clients need to resolve their tax debts.
Although Karen paid all the company’s required fees, the company essentially suspended her case due to a small technicality. Ideal Tax’s failure to advance her case due to her not signing a form signifies that the company is more interested in taking your money than actually delivering on the promised tax debt resolution services.

Alternatives to Ideal Tax Solution

Below is a comparison of Ideal Tax Solution’s services with other established tax relief companies:

 Ideal Tax SolutionChoice Tax Relief
(My Company)
Tax Defense NetworkFortress Tax Relief
Free Consultation
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Tax Resolution
    Amending Returns/Back Tax Filings
  • Tax Resolution
    Tax Returns
  • Tax Resolution
    Tax Preparation
  • Tax Resolution
Investigation Fee
  • $495+
  • $395+
  • None
  • Not Disclosed
Resolution Fee
  • $2,700 – $5,000
  • $3,000 (Average)
  • $3,000 – $7,000
  • $3,100 – $4,200
Minimum Debt Required
  • $7,500
  • $10,000
  • $5,000 – $7,500
  • $10,000
Refund Policy
  • Within 48 Hours of Contract Signing
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee if Client Is Not in Better Position After Resolution
  • None
  • Within 24 Hours of Initial Consultation
Dedicated Case Manager
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No (Every Case is Assigned to Tax Attorney)
Speed of Service
  • 2-6 months
  • 2-6 months
  • 2-6 months
  • 2-6 months
Location Availability
  • 48 U.S. States
  • All 50 U.S. States
  • All 50 U.S. States
  • All 50 U.S. States
Tax Relief Phone Number
  • (888) 720-0442
  • (866) 800-0829
  • (833) 365-1233
  • (877) 777-7430

Is Ideal Tax Solution Worth It?

In my opinion, Ideal Tax Solution is not worth the time or money.

The company had a number of scathing reviews where former clients complained about Ideal Tax’s poor client service. Worse yet, many clients believed they were scammed when they found out that the company took no steps to advance their case with the IRS (and/or state tax agency).

Who Ideal Tax Solution Is Best For

Ideal Tax Solution is best for people who have a relatively simple tax debt case which does not require as much attention and follow-up with the IRS (and/or state tax agency).

That said, the client reviews indicating that the company failed to do anything for their case may signify that it is not even committed or capable of handling these cases.

Who Ideal Tax Solution Is Not For

Ideal Tax Solution is not for people who have complex tax cases spanning several years.

These cases require continuous representation and competent tax advisor to steer them through the process, none of which several reviewers claimed the company provided.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, several former clients claimed that the company provided poor client service and did nothing for their case, which, in my opinion, are critical to successfully resolving your tax debt case.

Based on these reviews, I would not recommend retaining Ideal Tax to resolve your IRS and/or state tax debts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ideal Tax Solution legit?

    Although Ideal Tax Solution has some positive reviews, the company also has several negative reviews and over 86 filed BBB complaints within the last 3 years. Many reviewers complained about the company’s client services and quality of representation before the IRS (and/or state tax agency).

  • What is Ideal Tax Solution?

    Ideal Tax Solution provides tax resolution services for individuals dealing with IRS/state tax debts.

  • How much does Ideal Tax Solution charge?

    The company does not disclose the fees on its website, but the fees appear to range from $2,700 to $5,000, based on customer reviews.

  • Why is Ideal Tax Solution Calling Me?

    Ideal Tax Solution is most likely calling you to try to get you to sign up for the company’s tax resolution services. Based on a number of client reviews, the company employs aggressive and deceitful marketing tactics to get individuals to sign up for its services.

  • What questions should I ask Ideal Tax Solution?

    You should ask Ideal Tax Solution what options are available to resolving your debt with the IRS (and/or state tax agency) and the requirements for each option. You should also ask the company to provide a realistic timeframe for resolving your case and the IRS resolution process in general, including what paperwork you need to provide, the chances of success, and any potential risks for pursuing a specific option.



Steven Ching, J.D.

Steve Ching, J.D., covers tax topics for Money Done Right. He is a practicing tax attorney and also has several years of experience at national accounting firms. Steve is passionate about writing and helping people understand and resolve their tax issues.


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