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Paribus Review 2020: Is Paribus Safe and Legit or Is It a Scam?

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You may have heard of a website and app called Paribus and wondered what it’s all about.

This site has garnered a lot of attention and conversation online, and for good reason — when a site works for you to save you money on your everyday shopping, consumers take notice.

Here’s our comprehensive review on Paribus that gives you everything you need to know about the site.

Paribus Review

If you’ve heard the name Paribus before, you may be wondering if Paribus is legit.

We’re here to tell you that Paribus is completely legitimate and can certainly help you get cash back on your purchases.

The company was founded in 2014, and after massive success in just a few short years, was purchased by Capital One in 2016.

How to Access Paribus

Paribus monitors your online purchases and works to get you cash back on your online purchases.

The company analyzes your purchases and looks through cash back or refund policies for the online retailers you shop with.

If Paribus finds a way to get you cash back or a better price for your purchase, they work on your behalf to get it for you.

While refunds aren’t guaranteed, Paribus will do what they can to get you refunds if your purchases qualify for them.

How Does Paribus Work?

When you first sign up for Paribus, you enter your contact information as well as the email that you use when you do your online shopping.

Paribus analyzes your purchase receipts through your email, then detects any price drops on the sites where you made your purchases.

When it detects a drop or an opportunity for a price difference refund, Paribus works on your behalf with the company you shopped with.

While many people may be wary of allowing Paribus to access emails and look for personal shopping information, Paribus is a safe and secure way to get cash back and refunds on your typical online purchases.

Paribus Takes Advantage of Price Matching Policies

Many companies have policies regarding price-matching or price-differentials.

While some companies have a limited time to take advantage of a price drop, some companies don’t, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to get refunds for your purchases.

Paribus Does the Heavy Lifting

Most companies also don’t outwardly advertise these programs, which is where Paribus comes in.

Paribus houses up-to-date information for thousands of refund and price-matching programs and works diligently to help get you a refund for your purchases as quickly as possible if you’re eligible for them.

Without Paribus, filing a claim to get a refund when a price drops can be extremely time-consuming and complex.

With Paribus, the heavy lifting is done for you.

Paribus partners with dozens of popular online retailers to get refunds for customers, meaning there’s a good chance you may have a cash back refund waiting for you.

You Can Also Get Compensated for Shipping Delays

This site does even more than work to get you refunds on your online purchases.

Paribus partners with Walmart and Amazon to detect any shipping delays — when unexpected delays occur, you’ll be compensated for them.

What some consumers may be wary of us giving Paribus access to your email records, which we will go into later in this Paribus review.

Paribus Has Saved Users Over $24 Million

With over $24 million in potential savings found for customers since 2014, Paribus works hard to streamline to refund claim process so you don’t have to.

Check out our video review of Paribus below!

Is Paribus a Scam?

If you’re thinking that Paribus sounds too good to be true and that it’s a scam, we’re here to tell you that Paribus is not a scam and is a legitimate way to get real refunds on your online purchases.

While Paribus does require you to grant a lot of access to your email account(s) and personal banking information, Paribus does do what it promises and does its best to get you refunds.

As a disclaimer, and as we mentioned before, there’s no guarantee of any refund when you sign up with Paribus.

In fact, many of the negative reviews out there about Paribus are virtually all claims of no refunds given.

This is not really fair since Paribus never guarantees refunds. For example, someone who rarely shops online cannot reasonably expect to receive a refund.

Paribus Works with Major Companies

Paribus works with companies to give refunds on purchases. It does not refund consumers directly, as many people believe.

When refunds don’t come through, it typically is because a purchase does not qualify for the refund or the company is delayed in processing the refund.

Paribus acts as a middleman for the refund claims process, which helps streamline the refund process and save consumers time.

This site is a safe and secure way to save money on your typical online purchases through real cash back refunds.

Paribus Purchase Monitoring

As we mentioned earlier, you need to give Paribus access to your email account(s) in order for the refunds to be found.

In fact, you’ll need to give the site read, write, and email delete access, which is typically more access than you might give for other sites.

While this can be an intimidating thought, it doesn’t have to be.

The simplest way to protect your information if you’re worried about Paribus accessing your information through your emails is to create a dedicated online shopping email address just for Paribus.

Is Paribus Safe?

While your personal email information is extremely safe and secure with Paribus, we understand concerns with giving any website that much access.

It needs that level of access in order to monitor your shopping and receipts so it can detect any opportunities to get refunds when prices drop.

Without allowing Paribus that level of access, they won’t be able to detect your online receipts in order to get you a refund on your purchases.

If you’re comfortable with giving the site access to your emails or if you set up a dedicated shopping email, you can also give Paribus access to your banking information to track purchases online.

Banking Information

Your banking information is always safe and secure and can help expedite the refund process.

You can also give access to your Amazon account so they can scan your purchases in order to track any price drops in the future.

While you do need to provide the site full access to your email and can provide banking and Amazon information in addition to email access, Paribus is a great way to get refunds on your past online purchases.

Paribus Payouts

One of the best parts of Paribus is the payment structure — unlike other cash back or refund offers online, there is no minimum amount you have to accumulate in order to be paid.

As soon as there’s a refund found or a price match offer approved, the funds are transferred into your bank account.

This can cut down weeks on processing times — with funds being transferred as soon as the refund is approved, you’re getting your money quickly and without any hassle.

You do need to provide your banking information if you want the funds to be automatically transferred, but it allows you to get your money quickly and securely.


Paribus is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico, but partners with some of the largest online retailers in the world, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target, to name a few.

As for the platform, Paribus is available online on a computer as well as on Apple devices through the Paribus application.

While it currently is not available in the Google Play Store, there are plans to release the app on Android soon.

In addition, you can online sign up for Paribus with certain email account types — Paribus only accepts Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo email accounts.

The Paribus scanning algorithms work directly with those email address providers, which is why your options are somewhat limited on what email addresses you can sign up with.

This site is widely available on many popular platforms, making it very easy to use and access.

Proof of Refunds

If you’re still skeptical, you should check out the refunds that real customers are receiving for their online purchases.

When you sign up for Paribus you’ll have the chance to see the deals that other users have received — simply head over to the “Deals” page to see how much other shoppers are getting back on their everyday purchases.

While the refunds listed on the Deals page are atypical, there’s an opportunity to get some serious cash back refunds when you shop online and have Paribus scan your purchases.

Paribus App

In addition to a website, Paribus also has an app through which you can seek refunds.

When you install the Paribus app on your Apple device, getting refunds on your online purchases is easier than ever.

By linking the application on your phone to the email that you already have on your phone, you don’t have to do anything to get your refunds processed — after initially setting up the application and linking your email address, the app does all the work for you.

While you can certainly take advantage of the cash back savings through Paribus on your computer, it’s often much easier to simply download the app and do your shopping through your phone.

The app itself gets great reviews because it’s so easy to set up and use.

Signing Up Is Easy

Nobody likes extensive signup processes, and the great news is that it’s incredibly simple and straightforward to sign up with Paribus.

Simply provide your contact information, link your email account, and give Paribus permission to scan your email to start identifying refund opportunities.

As we mentioned before, you have the option to link your banking information as well as your Amazon account for even faster scanning, although this step is certainly not required to get refunds on your online purchases.

Once you’re signed up and your email account is linked, the hard work is done.

Paribus will start scanning your previous purchases for refund opportunities and will continually monitor any future purchases by scanning your email for purchase receipts.

Paribus Review: Conclusion

Paribus presents a unique opportunity to get real refunds on the purchases you’re already making online.

By partnering with some of the top online retailers in the world, this site searches for price drops and price match opportunities and works on your behalf to get you the refund you deserve.

Once you sign up with Paribus, you’ll start automatically receiving any refunds that you may qualify for.

While signing up with Paribus isn’t a guarantee of getting a refund, the site will do all it can to find any opportunity for a cash back refund.

Whether you sign up on your computer or through the app on your phone, take the stress and hassle out of filing a refund claim by letting Paribus do all the hard work for you.

Giving a website access to your email can certainly make some consumers nervous, but Paribus will always keep your email information safe.

We definitely recommend Paribus for anyone looking for legitimate ways to get refunds on your purchases.

Paribus is a safe and secure way to have your purchases monitored in order to get the cash refunds that you’re owed.

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It seems kind of ridiculous that the original article is holding Paribus in such high regard but now there are literally 13 instances of highlighted bold print saying “We no longer recommend Paribus” and they don’t mention a single reason why.

Failing to be transparent about what has informed you to change your mind about the product/service so completely is very suspect on your end and doesn’t give me a good impression of your website in general.

Can you expand on why you no longer recommend Paribus? I’d really love to hear the reasoning behind that, especially since you seemed so approving at first. Thanks!


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