Disney Golden Moments NFT
Updated January 20, 2022

Disney Golden Moments NFT: Why I Spent $6,351.99 to Get All of Them


Disney Golden Moments is a set of 11 NFTs that recently dropped in the VeVe app — and I am *kind of * ashamed to admit that I spent $6,351.99 to get my hands on all of them.

So why’s it called “Golden Moments”?  Because the NFTs are all-gold — well, not literally gold since they’re digital, but the 3D images you see on screen are gold-colored — and they feature some of the most defining Disney figures and “moments”.

The 11 Golden Moments

Disney Golden Moments NFTs

The 11 Disney Golden Moments NFTs dropped over the course of six days during the second week of November 2021 in the VeVe app.

They were released in “blind box” format, meaning that you didn’t know which collectible you got until after you completed your purchase.

Here are the 11 Disney Golden Moments NFTs:

Disney Golden Moments NFTs
NFTEditionsRarityDrop PriceFloor As of 11/17/21
Homer & Bart12,333Common$60$619
Bart's Skateboard6,333Rare$60$649
Mickey's Hat6,333Rare$60$2,000
Pizza Planet Truck6,333Rare$60$520
Avengers Logo6,333Rare$60$630
Iron Man12,333Common$60$590
Walt & Mickey4,333Ultra Rare$333$9,799

How to Buy Disney Golden Moments NFTs

Right now, the only way to buy Disney Golden Moments NFTs is in the VeVe app.

If you’ve never used VeVe before, you’ll need to download the app, set up your account, and purchase gems (the in-app VeVe currency) with a credit card.

Then, click on “Market”, scroll the top row to the right, click on “Brands”, and then find the Disney Golden Moments and click on it.

There you will see all the Disney Golden Moments NFTs on the market right now.

Go ahead and click on one and then scroll down to where you see “[number] for sale in the Market”.

Then click on one’s image and click “Buy Now”.

Make sure that you’re OK with the gem price because these Golden Moments NFTs are getting expensive!

I Spent $6,351.99 For All of Them

Personally, I think Disney getting into the NFT space is huge.

I got a few on the drops for dirt-cheap prices, but for others, I had to buy on the secondary market.

And at the end of the day, I spent $6,351.99 during the Disney Golden Moments launch week for all of them.

That said, the investment appears to have paid off for now since the combined floor prices for all of the NFTs is currently over $18,500 — meaning that I currently have over $12,000 equity in my investment.

And I’m not selling.  I think that the Disney Golden Moments NFTs — being the first-ever NFTs for iconic brands like Star Wars and The Simpsons — are a solid blue-chip NFT hold.

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