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Updated January 18, 2024

Opinion Outpost Review 2024: Is This Survey Site Legit or a Scam?

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  • Opinion Outpost
    Opinion Outpost
    • Opinion Outpost is a legitimate survey site. We were able to take surveys on Opinion Outpost and eventually cash out our points for an Amazon gift card.
    • That said, we did have some issues cashing out our gift card. Opinion Outpost gave us an error message. We reached out to Opinion Outpost
    • We also had some issues cashing out our gift card. Opinion Outpost gave us an error message. We reached out to Opinion Outpost

      We made $3.67 per hour while testing Opinion Outpost. That said, this was only our experience, and it's important to view taking online surveys as nothing more than a fun way to earn some extra cash in your free time. You won't get rich taking surveys.


      • PayPal: $10.00
      • App Store: $10.00
      • Amazon Gift Card: $5.00
      • Alawar: $3.00
      • Red Cross Donation: $0.50

    • APP

      Opinion Outpost does not have an app, but surveys are easy to take on a mobile device.

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If you’re looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks, getting paid to take survey is a popular choice. And Opinion Outpost is one of the most popular survey sites on the internet. Find out why from this in-depth Opinion Outpost review.

Survey sites allow you to earn rewards in exchange for your opinions on everything from consumer products to current politics. Some platforms also give you other ways to make money, such as sweepstakes entries.

Nobody’s going to get rich answering surveys, but it’s not a bad way to kill time while making a few extra bucks.

We rated a whole host of survey sites, and we gave Opinion Outpost a pretty decent grade: A-.

We liked its convenient and powerful features to streamline your experience and help you earn rewards.

Today, we’re going to look a bit deeper into the survey platform.

This Opinion Outpost review will cover everything you need to know before signing up. We’ll also explain how to use the website and earn points. Create an account today to start making progress toward your first reward.

Opinion Outpost Review: History

Opinion Outpost is an online survey panel backed by Survey Sampling Intl., a Connecticut-based market research organization. SSI has existed since 1977, making it a trustworthy survey option with a long history of reputability.

Like many other survey sites, clients pay Opinion Outpost to collect audience information. Opinion Outpost gets people to take these surveys by offering rewards in exchange for their time. Members can take surveys covering a wide variety of topics, although you’ll qualify for only some surveys.

Opinion Outpost Review: How Does It Work?

Signing Up

Anyone over 18 in the United States can create an account with Opinion Outpost. Signing up is as simple as entering your gender, name, and email address. Membership in Opinion Outpost is completely free, so there’s no risk involved in joining.

After clicking “Join for Free,” you’ll receive an email inviting you to the website. This verifies your email address and creates your account, so make sure to enter an address you have access to.

If you’re planning to withdraw points via PayPal, it’s also important to sign up with the email that’s associated with your PayPal account.

Once you’ve finished signing up, you’ll need to enter some additional information to start qualifying for surveys. The website will ask for your location and age, the people in your household, and more. This information is used to match you up with new surveys.

Opinion Outpost - FAQs
Opinion Outpost’s help center has a useful FAQ section that should answer most of your questions.

Taking Surveys

Opinion Outpost will send you an email whenever there’s a new survey you could qualify for. You should consistently receive these notifications, although survey availability is unpredictable. There might be short periods of time during which you don’t qualify for any surveys.

Once you respond to an invitation, you have to take a short screener to see if you qualify. If you’re accepted, you’ll be able to take the entire survey and earn rewards. On the other hand, you won’t receive any points if you don’t fit the criteria.

The majority of Opinion Outpost’s surveys include a small number of questions, and they’re easy to complete in a short period of time. You can see the estimated time along with the number of reward points before taking a survey. This helps you avoid spending too much time on surveys that don’t offer enough Opinion Outpost rewards.

Opinion Outpost checks your answers to make sure you’re giving consistent, reasonable answers. Your account may be removed if you don’t pay attention or enter dishonest responses. You may also face consequences if you attempt to take more than one survey at a time.


You’ll receive a certain number of points after completing each survey. Keep in mind that you won’t get any points if you’re screened out of the full survey. You can redeem those rewards for gift cards to a variety of brands along with cash through PayPal. That said, you can redeem a minimum of only $10 through PayPal, which works out to 100 points. Gift cards are usually available for as little as $3.

If you use your points for gift cards, you should receive your reward within one to three days. PayPal rewards may take slightly longer, but not more than a week. You can view available rewards at any time.

However, when you’ve just signed up for Opinion Outpost, the company places a 72-hour holding period on your rewards. You can earn points, but you won’t be able to redeem them until the three days are over.

Opinion Outpost also offers a bonus of five points — equivalent to 50 cents — for each user you refer. Try posting your link on social media if you’re having trouble finding referrals. The website limits you to a maximum of $5 in referral rewards.

In addition to cash and gift cards, Opinion Outpost also allows you to redeem points for a sweepstakes entry. This is a great way to use your points if you’re not interested in small rewards. Most entries won’t lead to anything, but you’ll receive much more cash if you win.

Opinion Outpost Review: Pros

Opinion Outpost is a trusted survey service, and it’s a great way to add to your income. It provides a number of unique advantages compared to competing platforms. These are some of the best reasons to consider signing up that we found while writing this Opinion Outpost review.

Referral Rewards

Many survey sites offer only points in exchange for taking surveys. Opinion Outpost goes beyond the competition by providing additional rewards when you refer new users. This is the good way to earn more points if you’re not getting enough through surveys.

As mentioned above, you’ll earn an extra five points for every referral. This might not sound like much, but it will add significantly to your overall rewards. You’re limited to rewards for 10 referrals, and you should be able to hit that number between your friends, family, and social media contacts.

New accounts will count as a referral only if they sign up with your referral link. From there, the registration will automatically be connected with your account. Remind your contacts to copy and paste your link rather than accessing the Opinion Outpost website directly.

Opinion Outpost - Rewards
We like the flexible choices for point redemption offered by Opinion Outpost.

Payment Flexibility

While some platforms restrict your rewards to gift cards, Opinion Outpost will pay you in cash via PayPal. PayPal charges a small fee, but it also offers more flexibility. You can withdraw your PayPal balance into a bank account, essentially making it equivalent to cash.

Opinion Outpost also enables you to use your points to buy entries in sweepstakes. Many users prefer this option for its high potential payout, even though it’s likely you’ll lose your money. The website runs a quarterly drawing for $10,000, a much larger amount than is available with most other platforms.


There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a survey that isn’t worth your time. Fortunately, Opinion Outpost shows the points you’ll earn along with the expected time to finish each survey. This helps you avoid spending too much time on surveys that offer only a few points.

Most surveys take around 15 minutes, although some are much shorter or longer. Longer surveys generally come with greater rewards, but this isn’t always the case. Make sure to check the time and point reward of every survey before getting started.

Screener Entries

Being screened out of a survey is one of the most frustrating things about taking surveys for money. You could spend several minutes filling out a short questionnaire for no reward.

Opinion Outpost uses screener surveys, but it also gives you an entry in the $10,000 drawing every time you’re disqualified. This makes screeners feel like a more valuable use of time than on other sites. Your qualification rate depends on your personal information, so some people may be screened out more often than others.


Quick Processing Times

Some survey sites force you to wait a long time for your rewards, but Opinion Outpost makes payments quickly. You should receive a gift card within 24 hours of redemption. PayPal rewards can be less predictable, but they usually don’t take more than a week.

Opinion Outpost’s processing times are significantly shorter than most of the competition. Many platforms take days or even weeks to pay out rewards. This is especially frustrating given that it can take a while to earn enough points to redeem.

If you sign up for a new account with Opinion Outpost, keep in mind you’ll need to wait 72 hours before redeeming your first reward.

Low Minimum Rewards

High minimums for redemption are one of the ways websites get you to take more surveys. With some platforms, you need $20 or more before you’re allowed to redeem any rewards. This can make it harder to earn rewards, and it’s tough to stay motivated when you know the payoff is so far away.

Opinion Outpost requires only a few dollars for each reward. Combined with its short turnaround times, this makes it one of the fastest ways to withdraw gift cards and cash. The website offers much more convenient payouts than most other services.

Giving Back

In lieu of redeeming your points for cash or gift cards, you can donate them to a charity such as the American Red Cross. ou can donate a minimum of only five points. This is a very nice touch.

Opinion Outpost - Charity
The ability to donate your points to charity is a nice touch.

Opinion Outpost Review: Cons

Opinion Outpost is entirely legitimate, but there are some concerning issues you should be aware of. Most of them won’t affect every user, but they could convince you to sign up for another platform. These are the biggest issues we uncovered while working on this Opinion Outpost review.

Lack of International Support

American users can earn rewards on Opinion Outpost like they would on any other site. On the other hand, users outside the United States will need to look for another option. Opinion Outpost doesn’t provide support for any other countries.

Many sites — including the highly rated YouGov — offer surveys in 20 or more countries, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t register for Opinion Outpost. Look into different survey platforms to see which ones are supported in your country.

Referral Reward Limits

It’s nice to be able to earn referral rewards with Opinion Outposts. That said, you’ll be disappointed if you were hoping to generate a significant amount of money with referrals. The website currently limits users to just 50 points ($5) in referral benefits.

Some platforms provide unlimited rewards, allowing you to earn money every time you refer someone new. Others offer dedicated affiliate programs to help you become a spokesperson for their brand. Opinion Outpost treats referrals as something of an afterthought and puts a low limit on your earnings.

If you wanted to refer only a few friends, the maximum won’t cause you to miss out on any cash. On the other hand, if you already have a large audience, Opinion Outpost may not be the right choice. Look for a survey website such as Survey Junkie that offers more enticing referral rewards.

Low Payout Per Hour

It’s great to earn some extra money, but you shouldn’t expect a real income from taking surveys. Neither Opinion Outpost nor any other survey site is designed to help you earn more than a little side money. You may be disappointed if you sign up thinking you’ll substantially increase your income.

Surveys typically pay significantly less than minimum wage, so you should only complete them in your free time. If you have more than an hour or two for surveys, consider investing that time in a project that could lead to more sustainable income.

That said, the points you earn on Opinion Outpost are still more than you would usually make in your free time. From that perspective, taking surveys is a good investment of your time. How much time you should spend taking surveys depends on both your personal and financial situations.

Limited Survey Availability

Most Opinion Outpost members qualify for a large number of surveys, but availability is highly unpredictable. You’ll receive more or fewer invitations depending on your information, and different demographics are in demand at different times. You could qualify for several surveys within a few days before not receiving any invitations for a week.

As with the website’s low payout, this isn’t a major problem if you look at taking surveys as an occasional option when you have free time. Conversely, it does put another limit on your earnings. It can be extremely frustrating to finally receive an invitation only to be screened out of the survey.

Outdated Design

Opinion Outpost’s website looks outdated and clunky compared to the competition. While this doesn’t affect your ability to earn rewards, it does make the platform a more frustrating experience. The vast majority of survey sites look much better than Opinion Outpost.

Opinion Outpost also lags behind the competition in that it still doesn’t offer a mobile app. It’s usually easier to take surveys on the go, so this is a significant disadvantage compared to other survey sites. If you’re planning to finish surveys on your phone, you should consider signing up for another site.

Opinion Outpost Review - Dashboard
While there are many things to like about Opinion Outpost, its outdated web design isn’t one of them.

Opinion Outpost Review: The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in earning money through surveys, Opinion Outpost is a decent place to start. It offers reasonable payouts for relatively short surveys and is one of the most reliable options. Furthermore, it allows you to redeem your points for a wide range of rewards.

We would recommend Opinion Outpost to anyone interested in earning passive income, but the platform is far from perfect. Its poor web design and lack of a mobile app make it feel outdated. The website also limits users to just $5 in referral rewards, much lower than is available with some other sites.

If this doesn’t bother you, you should sign up for an Opinion Outpost account if you want to make money during your free time. Create an account today to start earning points and make progress toward your first reward.


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